New Star Wars 'timeline' confuses an old fan

I always wondered if he made C3PO from a Radio Shack kit or something. In “Star Wars” you see similar droids in several scenes so I always assumed C3PO was identical to other models of his type. It’s like Darth/Anakin made his own car in the backyard and it turned out to be a Porsche 911 indistinguishable from the factory-made version.


i had to look this up.

the original backstory, as narrated by lucas in 3po’s voice, was that he was over a hundred years old, and that anakin found him and rebuilt him.

i always assumed they were polished up, because somehow they still conveyed old to me. maybe just because they were clunky? the mandalorian death droids were anything but clunky. seemed totally out of the fiction to me at least.

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The Dark Troopers date back to 1994’s Dark Forces, so they’ve been around for a while. This was their first canon appearance, though I don’t see them functioning very differently from the Super Battle Droids of the prequels.

I loved the way IG-11 moved it was still kind of jerky and inhuman, but when he was in full battle mode his body plan suddenly made sense in a way that wasn’t apparent with IG-88 in the original trilogy. Humanoid enough to operate standard weapons and vehicles, but able to look and move “forward” or “backward” with equal ease. Can’t sneak up behind an assassin who doesn’t have a back.


Technically, the High republic is supposed to be something like 300BBY to 50BBY or so.

The Old Republic still possibly exists, in that there’s a number of canon mentions of events and concepts that happened during the Old Republic.

For instance the Rule of Two was created by Darth Bane some time around 1000BBY just before the 7th Battle of Ruusan, the end of the New Sith Wars.

In the Phantom Menace Yoda mentions the Rule of Two, and again in Star Wars: The Clone Wars series, Yoda encounters a spectre of Darth Bane and Yoda recognizes him as such and acknowledges that Bane created the Rule of Two.

So in that way a number of things that are legenda have become in some way re-canonized.

Unfortunately I doubt this will happen to pretty much anything that happened in Legends post-Endor. So absolutely we’re not getting Mara Jade re-canonized, and I very much doubt Talon Karde either. Possibly Vornskyrs and Yslamiri might be re-introduced. Yuzzan Vong are right-out.

The Plagueis novel adds some more info on the Bith.

They’re hyperintelligent, they don’t see as well in the dark as Muuns, they don’t have eyelids, they have only a single lung, they only have kids based on a computer mating service in order to very stricly practice eugenics.

Not that anybody has asked, but if I had to come up with a definitive ranking of all the “Star Wars” episodes — leaving out sidebars like the animated “Clone Wars,” the young Han Solo movie and the latest “Mandalorian” Baby Yoda memes — the result could only be a nine-way tie for fourth place.

You shouldn’t blame any one thing for mediocrity; those who have latched onto represntation/diversity are only betraying their own biases.

I’m a pretty deeply read star wars fan, maybe even a “star wars scholar”, this discussion is killing me.

Ah, OK, that makes more sense then. I’ve only ever watched the prequels once and decided they were so awful that they’re not canon.

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Is it part of the canon?


I will say, even as a small child, I always interpreted Yoda’s “always two, there are” comment to mean that Sith come in multiples of two. If you’ve found one, there must be another. Not that there’s… literally always two, exactly, no more, and no less. The insistence the EU had on taking the most literal possible interpretation of a line from the least literal character in the franchise always baffled me.

I know that enough stuff from Clone Wars and the like got pulled into the new continuity to make it impossible to fix, even now, but it still bugs me.

Anyway, the feeling I got from what mentions of the KOTOR era in the EU I saw always gave me the feeling that they’re willing to nod at it, but not really bring it back. For example, yeah, they mentioned Malachor V, but clearly whatever went down there was not what happened in KOTOR. Or we’ve got the Hammerhead Corvets, but they’re tiny now and 3000 years later in time. Gives me the impression that they’re basically fine with KOTOR as an occasional easter egg thing, but they aren’t too serious about re-introducing it into official canon.

Fine by me, mind you. I’ve found the whole concept of Star Wars canon to be increasingly silly anyway, and no one is trying to take my KOTOR for me. Still runs, still avalible to get on GOG or Steam. That’s all I really ask.


They’re not going to make KotOR canon (thank God), but they will almost certainly tell new stories set in the Old Republic, possibly using characters and events drawn from the EU (and hopefully improved).

To me that sounds like zooming into a Seurat painting and trying to find patterns in the little dots

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It’s more like, buying and looking at and then building a gallery full of Seurat knock offs, with some Seurat originals put in a big showcase at the front door.

And besides, it’s no more ridiculous than all the Trekkie nerds who are fluent in Klingon and know the Star Fleet charter by heart.

Likewise, I can read Aurebesh, and used to know some Huttese.

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I figure Star Wars was always meant to be appreciated at a very superficial level, as a series of allusions to other things, rather than as any kind of coherent statement of its own

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