New Street Fighter movie officially in development

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For the best live action Street Fighter my (kind of) joke answer is Bloodsport. Though seriously i would say that the fan film Street Fighter Assassin’s Fist is pretty great. As far as a new movie i do think that trying to keep things mostly grounded and doing a tournament style movie like Bloodsport would be great but i would expect it to be a CGI heavy movie instead, which just isn’t as interesting to me.

For Raul

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People are harsh on the previous live-action Street Fighter film, released in 1994…

That wasn’t the last official Street Fighter movie.

I second this. Technically a web series, but the DVD release had it cut together into one long movie (the running time on the box is 152 minutes). I still haven’t seen Joey Ansah’s second series, Resurrection. The mockumentary Balrog: Behind the Glory also deserves a mention, though it’s likely to have little to do with what an official Street Fighter movie might try.

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The announcement means nothing more than we already knew. The acquisition of the right to make Street Fighter content implies they intend to make Street Fighter content. A movie is the most obvious choice. They’re probably at the phase where they’re looking for producers, writers, and a director. (Or whatever order things go in. I can’t accurately pretend to know that much.) All I can hope is that they don’t make Ken’s role in the film too small.

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