Street Fighter franchise set to expand into film and TV with Legendary Studios acquisition

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Looking forward to the day that all films are about superheroes or video games

The collapse happened in two* phases, which is relevant here. Arcades were essentially dead by 1991. What’s amazing about Street Fighter II is that it single-handedly saved arcades for a few more years. Almost overnight arcades became all fighting games (with maybe a few golden age games like Golden Axe shoved in the back). SF2 was such a monumentally huge hit that suddenly every arcade was Street Fighter (variant X), Mortal Kombat (2+), Tekken, and Saturday Night Slam Masters. Throw in a few other successes like Primal Rage, and the fighting games had totally taken over for the last hurrah of the medium. It was something to see!

*You could argue there was a middle stage of decline. By the end of the 80s, the golden age games were not earning like they needed to anymore. Arcades were saved by the quarter munchers (aka fight-and-go-right games) like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Simpsons, and X-Men. Because these could simply be tuned harder to earn more, arcades did well on them for a few years. Players grew weary of being milked that way though, so the fighting games were a relief for everyone


At least no one is going to go out of their way to say they’re worried Legendary will ruin the brand. The American film and the animated series have already proven that bad (or appreciated for unintentional reasons) media can exist without causing harm to the franchise. I’m looking forward to what they produce. Hopefully whatever they make manages to match the tone of the games, which have a goofiness to them that people tend to ignore.

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I was going to say that apparently everyone has conveniently forgotten the 1994 movie?
I haven’t, because of one catch phrase:

Street Fighter Of Course GIF


(RIP Raúl Rafael Carlos Juliá y Arcelay- You are missed.)

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They’re going to take Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game and make a movie out of it? Awesome, can’t wait!


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