The upcoming Street Fighter movie found its directors

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So we’re not going for “Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game: The Movie” then?


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I certainly hope not.

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That will be an extra audio track on the Blu-Ray disc which replaces all the dialog with “Slam Master!” You’ll enable it by highlighting Japanese for 3 seconds, Spanish for 3 seconds, English for 3 seconds, then press all three punch buttons.

ETA: Noticed that the Hollywood Reporter article didn’t get a link back from ComicBook.

The Philippou brothers ran a very popular YouTube channel, RackaRacka, making horror and comedy content…

I don’t think Blanka is their brand of humor, but the violent Pokemon Go video they did shows they’re willing to tell people to beat-up a car.

This isn’t Fighter’s first go-around in Hollywood.

Both were commercial and critical bombs…

Commercially, I don’t have anything to add for Legend of Chun-Li, but it depends on how you measure the first one. Yes, it didn’t provide a sure bet for anyone in the movie business to work with that franchise again. As the recently linked video by CutScene covered…

It didn’t perform with critics or audiences, but did do OK financially. It was #1 for the week and settled at around 30 million dollars domestically. Its overseas revenue pushed it to nearly 100 million dollars, which was three times its budget, so all-in-all, Street Fighter was a success. According to de Souza Capcom were “thrilled” with the results of the movie.

And from Matt McMuscles while covering SFtMtG

Let’s discuss Street Fighter the actual movie one last time. Now, upon its release, it was considered a massive failure but it actually turned out to be really lucrative for Capcom in the long-run since they co-financed the film. They wound up getting quite a good deal in terms of video sales and rentals, and even better when it came to broadcast rights. When I was invited to their pre-E3 “Captivate” event back in 2011 a senior Capcom official told me, “Yeah, yeah the movie sucks, huh? It was a huge mistake? We make a million dollars every time it’s shown on TV.”


I never played “Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game”, but I’m assuming it involved a metric shirt load of cocaine.

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