New trailer for 'Star Wars: Ahsoka'

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Well that looks fantastic!

Sabine has a light saber and was (partly) trained? Makes sense, she had the Dark Saber at one point. Thrawn looks great!

Remind me, who is that droid with the pointy face. I know I know it, but forget.


i’m trying to remember, too, but i’m distracted by live-action Chopper, squeeeeee

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Ok - found it:


blame m’self for being overly sensitized to current issues, but does Thrawn have to resemble e.musk?
Screenshot 2023-07-11 at 12-13-55 New trailer for 'Star Wars Ahsoka' Boing Boing
gratuitous updatery: …gather that’s actually Lars Mikkelsen huh go figure

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That was my first impression, too.

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I was thinking of a different android, from a different franchise.

This is definitely looking very much like Star Wars Rebels Season 5: Ahsoka, and I am totally on board.

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Wait, what?

first appeared in “A Test of Strength,” the seventh episode in Season Five of the animated television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which aired on November 10, 2012. He was voiced by Doctor Who actor David Tennant. The 2022 novel Brotherhood alluded to Tennant’s past role as the Tenth Doctor, saying that “Professor Huyang was so old that the ancient droid supposedly arrived at the Jedi Temple in a big blue box thousands of years ago.” The Doctor is an ancient being who travels in a special time machine that looks like a blue police box from the 1960s.


Evil Data

You had me at Rosario Dawson.

And then you also give me Mary Elizabeth Winstead?!?!



giphy (79)|nullxnull

Looks wonderful. Very much looking forward to August. Got a lot of Rebels to watch before hand to tide me over.

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Looks like Tennant is voicing him in Ahsoka as well. Pretty impressive cast.

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