New Vermont bill introduced to permit emoji on license plates

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I would go with this…



Tempting, but I ain’t moving there.


In other news, Vermont license plates are this much more likely to say “😀”


Limiting the choice to only one symbol per plate is what killed my dream of getting a California personalized plate stating I :heart: :raised_hand: JOBS

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I would totally be psyched to get a mojibake license plate

Otherwise, my pick would be the eye roll emoji for sure

I suspect 90% of the people who bothered to make use of this would choose :fu:, which is why we can’t have nice things.


I recently (Northern CA) tried to get a Dr. Who related plate was decline, multiple times as they said it violated their terms. In my case using number as letter.

However, these are apparently ok. I was behind these two, at different times recently.

  1. e configuration has a sexual connotation or is a term of lust or depravity.
  2. The configuration is a vulgar term; a term of contempt, prejudice, or hostility; an insulting or degrading term; a racially degrading term; or an ethnically degrading term.

I’m guessing this is more like specialty plates some states have like, veteran, save the whales, etc. I don’t think the emoji is part of your plate number.

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This bill proposes to create a new special registration plate with the choice of one of six emojis

Six?! Fuck that noise. I want the full Unicode 6.0 charset.

I’ve already got my vanity plate picked out:

鱼 ᓄ🚡▟ ‰ v̸̳̘͖̖̦̦̖̿

The window here won’t render it properly but there’s a six per-em space character (U+2006) between the Inuktitut syllabic transliterated as nо̄ and the aerial tramway emoji.




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