New York City subway popular with riders


NYC is one of the few places on earth where having a car is usually an actively bad idea. And while everyone works in Manhattan, living there is beyond the pay grade of most people. Subway rides are a fine way to spend an hour + commute.

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I’ve been to NYC a bunch of times and I’m still always astounded at the subway system.
It’s truly a “modern” feat of engineering to move that many people around as efficient as it does.
Even if I’m there for 3 or 4 days, I’ll buy a week pass and more than make up for the cost. I like just jumping down there to go a couple stops when I could have easily walked, especially to use one of the bigger and multilevel stations.
I just give my pass away to the last person I see before leaving so they can use it up for the rest of the week.


Well, where else are people going to use their inline skates?

Nightmare world? It’s probably the most civilized part of town.

in other news: sun rises in East, pope is catholic.

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