New York high school will use CCTV and facial recognition to enforce discipline


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Bentham’s Panopticon: coming to a high school/mall/subway station/doctor’s office/etc near you. From Friday.


Where the fuck does she think they are, a prison?

Oh wait, that’s exactly what fascist authoritarians want; schools that are not a pipeline to prison, but which skip the whole damn ‘middleman’ all together.


I can’t wait to see if some of the students organize a protest where they wear orange jumpsuits and/or fake shackles to class.


This sounds one big brother too far to me. Draconian would be the word, I think




We know how this really should end.


In fairness, they only want that as an interim step to a turning the whole country into a prison for everyone except the rich. But at least we’ll be well armed. /s


I wonder how many of the people making these rules are reflecting back on the crap they got away with when they were in High School, and are determined to stop anyone else from doing what they did.

You know. If they would make the school uniform a gimp suit with a zippered mask that can be locked shut, so many of these problems could be avoided.

No name tags, or anything. Just have an RFID code that is read every time they go through a doorway, and give them devices that can only message directly to their teachers.

Since the suits are rubber, they could also do away with bathrooms.

Anyone not in the school gimp suit is probably a shooter or sex offender.


You can’t say that this high school isn’t preparing its students for the future.


This sounds like a project for the school Hacker Club.


Made me think of a song…

Ah, here it is…


The program will cost $1.4m in state money.

Sorry we don’t have money for books or class supplies, but, uh…

The Lockport district says that the system will make students safer by alerting officials if someone on a sex-offender registry or terrorist watchlist enters the property.

Yes, I’m sure those are major concerns.

“If we had a student who committed some type of offense against the code of conduct, we can follow that student throughout the day to see maybe who they interacted with, where they were prior to the incident, where they went after the incident, so forensically we could also use the software in that capacity as well,” Rabey said.

Oh, there we go.

Well, they are all about “efficient government” after all.

School district response: “We’ve decided to institute school uniforms and thanks to student input, now have a design…”

It turns out that those with the most guns are also happy to play amateur prison officer as well, serendipitously…


Let’s add a “dance number” to it as well.

I am thinking Michael Jackson’s Thriller.


Or a rubber freak! :joy:


I’m trying to imagine the number of angry taxpayers in my district that would show up for school board meetings if they had the nerve to propose spending money like this. They get a SRO crowd for issues far less controversial, and the budget is a major topic of concern.



Last week, while waiting for a flight with my young nieces and nephew one of them asked when I thought all the security restrictions would be removed. I laughed and told them “never” and explained the concept of security theatre to them. I then regaled them with a story of buying a ticket for cash at the airport 45 minutes before flight time and doing a quick walk through the metal detector before heading to the gate.


Chatham NY CSD just voted down Facial ID cameras. Wish I’d had this article to bolster the NO vote. We could have done better than 468 to 408 ! Budget was $1.2 M for 99 cameras, said state was paying for 46.9 % of the camera system cost.


How about a free case full of “Little Brother” for the school library?