New York Police Union doxxed Mayor DiBlasio's daughter on Twitter

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Apologists of police violence like to say “If you don’t break the law you don’t have anything to fear from the police.”

A more accurate statement is “If you’re the police then you don’t have anything to fear from breaking the law.”


Oh this is delicious.

Also, time for a name change?

Sergeants Malevolentt Association of the NYPD]


Sergeants Benevolent Association of the NYPD

This word ‘benevolent’, I don’t think it means what they think it means…


The NYC police union has a decades-long history of protecting violent cops and of blackmailing prosecutors into letting police get away with crimes.

I’ve seen NYC police do excellent things, and I’ve seen them do kind things that were outside their responsibilities. But I’ve also seen NYC police do illegal and brutal things, and I’ve heard them say racist things. I’ve been called a “fuckking faggott” by NYC police a couple of times, too. It’s long overdue for yet another cleanup.


The posting-then-deleting of incriminating or illegal tweets is getting tiresome, as if we don’t know that the horses have already fled the barn, but only slightly less tiresome than authority figures acting like it never happened once the tweet tries to escape down the memory hole and failing to enact consequences.


Depends on who receives their benevolence. I assume it’s the NYPD, and everyone else can fuck right off.


It’s kind of ironic that the police union is going after DiBlasio, given that his response to their brutality has been… extremely disappointing. (And I say that as someone who has developed low expectations for him. I was pleasantly surprised his daughter had been arrested - I was glad to see someone in that family had stuck to their principles.

Since nothing will happen to whoever did this, I only feel it’s fair that they be doxxed as well.


It may have been deleted for them. This is what I see on their page now (sandwiched between surviving tweets).



Based on the fact this guy hasn’t been arrested I would say he still has nothing to fear from the law.


The police union had already posted and told everyone that she had been arrested. Both sides managed to doxx the same protester, with both sides thinking that it proved the other was the bad guy.

So once we are done comparing symbols and talking about whose is the largest, do you think anyone is going to bother talking about actual legislation we could pass right now?

Elaborate, please.

Are you including Boing Boing as part of one of “those sides,” just by the act by reporting this story?


Please excuse my language, but right now, I want to march the police of the US all into the sea.

Fire this fucking fuck and the fucks that fucking enable him. Immediately. And use his handpicked men to do it, publicly, in front of a crowd of protesters.

Shove this bullshit sandwich right at him PUBLICLY, and make it clear to the rest- police have a job, and they are overstepping what their purpose is when they pull shit like this. Police unions are one of the biggest parts of the problem- if you’re in service of real justice, you shouldn’t ever require defending


No. This is a thing I neither said nor implied.

Thanks for clarifying.


So then who is the other side?


Typo. They meant beneviolent, or “violence for good”.


NYC should not sign contracts with the police union. While I support unions that hold people up, I will not support a union the keeps people down and murders them. Break up that police union.


Properly, “benevolent” is from the Latin for “well-wishing”:

From bene (“well”) + volēns (“wishing”). Literally meaning “well wishing”. Compare Icelandic vilja vel (“to wish well”).

However — !

If we play fast and loose with Indo-European etymology, and dig back to the Latin verb volō, we get:

From Proto-Italic *gʷela-je/o- , from Proto-Indo-European *gʷelh₁-ie-o- (“to throw, raise the arm”), from *gʷelH- (“to throw”).[1]

volō ( present infinitive volāre , perfect active volāvī , supine volātum ); first conjugation, impersonal in the passive

  1. to fly
    Verba volant , scrīpta manent.
    Words fly , writings remain.

A linguist of rude and impertinent manners could thus easily (and wrongly yet defensibly, if one plays that sort of defense position) interpret “benevolence” as meaning “Goodness flies [away]”.

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Can that be done? Any idea how it would be accomplished?

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