Police union loses bid to keep list of bad cops secret

Originally published at: Police union loses bid to keep list of bad cops secret | Boing Boing


It turns out if the cops dox the mayor’s daughter, he would end up being less likely being against the idea of the police being doxed because of it


Blue lives matter… something … bullshit… something…


This is one tip (albeit the largest one) of the NYPD accountability iceberg.

All this blows my mind.


It wasn’t a secret, it just wasn’t part of the mainstream corporate narrative about the world

Police brutality used to get covered on the same sites as chemtrails and UFO’s

I mean, that’s kinda the Boing Boing legacy right there


Throw the bastards under the truck already and make this public.

I’m tired of the police hiding from accountability. Being a cop should not be a free pass from judgement, neither should POTUS


Unfortunately this plays into the other corporate narrative that the ‘concept’ of unions is bad in and of itself.

By know way am I supporting this union with my comment.

There are other exceptions to who can unionize—and most of the workforce is at-will anyway

Supporting cop unions is not the One Weird Trick that will save the labor movement from extinction

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Good God, I can’t imagine how many records there are during the Giuliani administration… There are either enough to make up a Mount Everest or there are none.

I remember reading during that time there was at least one full year of brutality reports that disappeared entirely from the Mayor’s office itself.

That was a dark time that so many NY’ers don’t even realize was absolutely terrible for anyone not white.

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