New York police using Imperial March as theme song?




Is there anything so wrong about cops having a sense of humor?


Given the general standard of police marksmanship, I think a sense of kinship with Imperial Stormtroopers is totally justified.


This is delightful.

I like to play Sousa marches when I'm stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic. I lower the windows, crank up the volume, and wave like I'm Grand Marshal of a parade.

This is the same kind of thing. I think it reminds us that the NYPD is made of real people with a sense of humor.


I play it on my iPod whenever I need to walk somewhere quickly. I think it does something to my body language so that people get out of my way.


I find your lack of humor disturbing


You rock!

(Or I guess... You march!)


I drive a hybrid. Newer ones have some sort of warning sound when operating on battery power to warn pedestrians. Mine doesn't so I just roll down the windows and blare Yakkity Sax.


Please, think of the bystanders. Its just fine and dandy when Imperial Stormtroopers try to shoot enemies on wastelands like Hoth, but I bet they killed at least 16 harmless pedestrians when they tried to stop the Millennium Falcon.

And they were aiming at the sky here.

Think of what would happen in a densely crowded area like Manhattan!


I'm divided on the issue. While the Empire is clearly a fascist, genocidal regime, it's still just a fairy tale regime where little actually violence and horror is being shown. And it's just a theme music, after all, saying “here come the badass guys.” If I could, I would probably play the music myself when I greet my fellow programmers every morning. It's not like they used mock hitler salutes or played the Horst Wessel song. Then I'd give them the boot.

For active troops, I'd totally rule out that march, though.


My boy scout troop used to sing der panzerlied in the 1970s.

We also sang Be Prepared which did not go over at all well with our mothers. Luckily Mom didn't know any German.


Good choice! I also recommend the George Jetson car noise.  Be sure to shout "gimme two bucks of fuel pellets and check the radium!" if you're pulling into a gas station.


I've seen the East Cleveland PD do this.... funny... scary. But funny.


Yeah, I used to play the Liberty Bell, until a giant foot descended from the sky and squashed my car.


I don't have a whole lot of tolerance for the hijinks of cops with a rep like NY's finest...

Inclined to take a dim view of these jerk-offs revelling in their bad guy status.


Certainly not an inappropriate choice.


i'd fucking laught my ass off if I witnessed this.
if they didn't do any 'Wrongfull policing' that day then who cares, just guys o the job having a pretty good laugh.


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