New York Post reporter admits she was ordered to write fake story about Kamala Harris books being given to migrant children

Originally published at: New York Post reporter admits she was ordered to write fake story about Kamala Harris books being given to migrant children | Boing Boing


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Exactly. It’s a Murdoch paper, so what else would we expect but conservative BS and lies.


Ah ha. This explains what the writing half of my Twitter feed is talking about.

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I would phrase it as “fuck your contrition in the ass”, accompanied by a robed skeletal hand banging a gavel as a hole opens directly into the sulfurous pit of hell.

She’s trying to claim some kind of valor for drawing the line at “not writing stuff I personally know to be a blatant lie”. If you want to be credited as a journalist, with a status above that of any random asshole on twitter, the MINIMUM standard is that you actively check that what you write is not only true but honest. If you’re just a stenographer, then what is the point of you? Why should you ever have had a job?

It’s not just scum from the New York Post who have this problem. Journalists at the Guardian or CNN or the NYT seem to think their job is just to do what a hundred million other shitposters do, except it’s somehow special because they have the prestigious News brand. But if those brands don’t mean “we will do actual work to not propagate lies and bullshit”, then they don’t mean anything at all, and we’re better off listening to the shitposters. Which is pretty much exactly where we’re at. Lies and bullshit aren’t the problem, any more than a sinking ship is the seawater’s fault.


Browser plug-in to recognize authors name and give a ‘Bull shit artist’ (or honesty) score. Have the worst rating for outright lies, but take into account whether or not there are retractions and corrections. The idea is to make the author’s credibility go from job to job


A bullshit generator complains about writing bullshit?


Just don’t apply it to NYT columnists. Bobo Brooks, Cardinal Douthat and Bret Stephens would throw so many overflow errors that that the plugin would be rendered useless.


Well hold on now, what right thinking person would possibly believe such…

I stand corrected. :man_facepalming:


It seems to me that people take the lying of newspapers more seriously when the president of the United States isn’t actively lying about serious things several times a day.


That story is not just old enough to drink, it’s old enough to have kids old enough to drink. It was used as the plot of an episode of Yes Minister in 1984.

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Foods that have been successfully banned include


foie gras
whale meat
shark fin soup
various cuts of turtle

But I’m guessing that complaining about foie gras doesn’t have much populist appeal.


To the point: a bullshit generator complains about writing lies.


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