NY Post "reporter" resigns after being "ordered" to write fictional story about Kamala Harris

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Odd, I thought that refusing a byline was an option at the NY Post. (Although your name might be put on a story that you didn’t write.)


The New York Post is akin to the any trash tabloid being printed or ever was printed.


The tweet about a job at the Gateway Pundit or Daily Caller has it right. No shortage of work for people who only worry about the truthfulness of what they publish when they get called out. Especially when, in almost the same breath as they admit that a story they wrote was complete fiction, they still describe the company that “made” them write it as the “liveliest, wittiest tabloid”. Ugh.


I’m surprised that anyone at the NY Post actually believed they were suppose to be truthful in the first place.

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This. Journalism for sensationalism sake is not what journalism is supposed to be about, it’s about truth and integrity, which she fails to mention. The Onion or the Weekly World News are lively and witty. They’re also parodies of journalism, like the Post. If this was her breaking point, what other stories she wrote were bending points, or other untrue straws on the camel’s back?

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She didn’t. Laura Italiano is neither remorseful or honest. She’s covering her ass in an attempt to protect her career.


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