NY Times editor Ellen Pollock stands by their disgraceful piece on Elizabeth Holmes

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Yeah, that’s obviously true, which is why people are mad. Publishing a vapid celebration of wealthy assholes while top-notch journalists that could write something meaningful about them sit idly in the next room is just another day of the NYT


I feel like it’s time for the few Times staff who are upset that their employer has gone all-in on fascism-enabling, aggressive transphobia, and puff pieces for mega-rich fraudsters to admit that it’s time to jump ship and try to find a paper that’s a bit less evil.


Pollock defended the Holmes profile, and said she didn’t “give a fuck” about the criticism, according to two sources familiar with the meeting.


Pollock told staffers there was nothing atypical about how the story had come about—Chozick, a former Times reporter who has for the past several years been a writer-at-large for the paper, was offered the profile by a contact

All true, whether we’re talking about grifters like Holmes. The senior editors at the NYT just don’t care, ensconced as they are in the privilege of being well-paid professionals living in one of the most liberal enclaves in the country. All that matters is maintaining that privilege, and in order to maintain it they will jump at any exclusive offered by a paid PR flack or an equally privileged “friend”.


“why would the PR firm call the journalist who hasn’t had a byline in three years”

oh oh I can answer this, it’s because they called the more active, higher-profile journalists first and were quite rightly told to GTFO


That podcast quote is especially ridiculous.

Hey, journalist who hasn’t had a byline in three years, I heard from a friend that Elizabeth Holmes wants to talk to a journalist. I know you’re super busy and all but do you know anyone who might be able to make the time to talk to her?

Yes, definitely not pitched to you, just an ordinary conversation among pals.


Absolutely. I also constantly get random calls to interview world-infamous celebrities.


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