New York Post's own reporters denounce its Hunter Biden story

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I guess we know the answer to this question:

Spoiler: No.


The last major media job of one of the reporters who put her byline on this garbage (and this “story” is the sum total of her bylines as a print journalist) – Emma-Jo Morris – was as a producer for Sean Hannity. Moving loyal ideologues between his outlets has always been a Murdoch M.O.


And Fox is “confirming” one of the emails by contacting an unnamed source, who was listed in the CC (which can’t be trusted if the email was forged), and they said the email was real. QED!

Seems legit.


They’ve already tipped their hand this weekend, hinting all over the place that the hard drive contains child porn of some kind. So this is going to get a whole lot uglier.



Monday, October 19, 2020

Our Sister Outlet

A lot of reporters come up through the New York Post because, well, there aren’t any other journalism jobs and they do some real journalism, especially with local New York stuff. You can probably work there and do real journalism, if a bit tabloidy, and not feel like you’ve personally done a bad thing.

But of course the real job is to lend credibility to a corrupt enterprise, to continue to lend credibility when, for example, a reporter whose name rhymes with Haggie Maberman moves onto bigger and better things but still can be relied on to promote and defend her prior employer.

One thing that is better now is that there is at least pushback on these things which can’t entirely be ignored.


Wait, there are credible journalists at the Post? I’m sure that will be remedied quickly.


The shit I read about this background, it has red flags all over the place.


Like I posted in another thread this is like the Weekly World News being unable to find a reporter on staff willing to put their name on the latest “Bat Boy” exposé for fear of hurting their journalistic credibility.


Oh snap, even Fox News wouldn’t touch that story.


The post is owned by Newscorp just like Fox.

Fox didn’t need to publish it. The Post does that. Fox can maintain a veneer of credibility by passing. But they still get to spend hours covering it, because now it’s “news”.



EVEN IF the above scenario is what happened, I’d love to see Rudy’s explanation for why he decided to sit on a hard drive containing child porn.

Oh, wait, it’s because none of this actually happened.

Also, if that repair guy willingly copied the drive of a client, regardless of intent, he’s now ALSO a part of the child porn distribution circle.


Rudi Guliani’s hard drives (no one has been able to prove any other ownership) are filled with child porn? Shocked.


It’s like > $120 to replace a disc or a battery in a mac book, let alone recovering data from a dead drive. What service is allegedly being offered for $28? Can we get his contact info? I have some dead drives that I’m fairly sure are non-incriminating, would be a great resource for resurrecting my computer graveyard.


The child porn was the trap to begin with. It was the “reveal after the reveal” to extend the story past “his emails” and “Ukraine collusion!” and tie it with the Q Anon morons world view. If they hadn’t been so sloppy and stupid in their setup, and Giuliani so clearly tied to the laptop, they might have gotten away with it.

I’ve heard that James O’Keefe’s people might have been involved in this too, which makes sense.


The more information comes out about this story, the more hilarious it is. It’s so desperate and inept that even the lowest tabloid reporters want nothing to do with it.

And I understand even she was surprised (and unhappy) to have her name connected with this.

I dunno. It’s more than a bit fishy to bring that up after presenting the story as “look at these ‘incriminating’ emails!” No one actually involved in the story seems to even be hinting it’s going in that direction - it feels more like the smear attempt failed spectacularly, even the people who accepted it weren’t bothered by it, and now various Republicans are trying to take advantage of the situation and flailing around to find something that might outrage someone. They’re hinting at it because they can’t state it - or they’re waiting to state it when there’s no time to check to see if this is an accusation that anyone directly involved in the story is even making.


Meanwhile, the FBI might be checking the DNA of the grunge embedded in keyboard (let’s say hair and dandruff and leave it at that) on the actual laptop. If there’s none of Hunter’s, plenty of Rudy’s, and child porn on the disk…