The right-wing outrage over the Hunter Biden nothingburger is a tried-and-true propaganda tactic

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Really, the only notable part is that the traditional press hasn’t bitten yet, and that a lot of journalists are framing it as “Have Republicans lost their touch?” They got way too much mileage out of Wille Horton and Swift Boating, let alone the ratfucking they did with HRC.


Can we please stop calling it “Fox News” and start calling it “Fox Entertainment Network”? And don’t use the word “reported” and start using the word “claimed”?


All I can say is “it’s about time.” For YEARS I’ve been spitting mad about how easily the GOP cons the media into giving their bullshit equal weight. That’s not journalism. That’s not news. You do not give cancer equal weight to the cure for it. You fucking cut that shit out and toss it in the medical waste bin.

Oh for the days when the evening news was considered a public good and operated at a loss, not a way for networks to try and make bank. Once you divorce them from ratings and money, they do excellent work.


It’s tried-and-true, but obviously effective with those dimwitted conservatives who eagerly parrot the talking points developed around these unconvincing stories. For example, I’ve seen at least one attempt to imply that because Hunter Biden isn’t publically denying it’s “his laptop and e-mails” (further implying that they are his) his silence indicates guilt. This could be malice, stupidity, or a combination of the two, but Fox News and hate radio and the rest of conservative Mighty Wurlitzer know how to stir it up.

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When your tires are flat, and so’s your spare, might as well see how far you can get on flat tires.


If he denied it, they’d say that was proof it was true as well, because otherwise why would he spend the time bothering. You can’t win with these people. Best simply not to play their game and let them take their balls home crying.


What I don’t get is how is a child of a presidential candidate allegedly coked to the gills and whoring supposed to be worse than several of them taking bribes, stealing from charities, grifting public resources, and setting national policies.

Jared was on the pandemic action team. Ivanka was an unwelcome guest at the G8 summit. Don Jr addressed the nation at the RBC while high as a kite. But Hunter Biden was someone I had to give a shit about??


Apparently not even Barr wants to touch this.


Yep. They are literally reduced to the old game of bitching about it long enough and hard enough to get mainstream media to pick it up in the hopes it will sew doubt in the minds of voters. If Trump wins, it will very quietly go away again and only be spoken of when Twitler wants to pump up a crowd with the usual nonsense lock them up shit. It’s why Hillary and Obama are never far from his lips despite the fact there’s literally no one moving to arrest them for all these alleged “crimes” they’ve done.


That’s the leading indicator–how obvious this is to anyone who cares about having a career six months from now. When Bill Barr and Fox look at this and say wait a minute, this all seems incredibly implausible, and comes from a source we know is willing and eager to be compromised by Russian intelligence, anyone with a brain in their head can reason it out.


Well dad gummit, this is basically what I said yesterday


Dayum, this must be a party - someone brought a piñata!


Can we say there has been enough fucking right wing foreign influenced propaganda on this thread already? Because I certainly can.


Pro tip: Don’t mess with the BBS’ Bunting Tossers.


But, but, but… the news division and the editorial division are two totally different things. They have Chris Wallace, for gosh sakes!


my go-to ways of referring to that organization are:

faux news

propaganda division of the republican party



I love that the latter tweets in that post were dunking on Glenn Greenwald


Sooo - have they even confirmed that this laptop was his? Because it seems like a lot of coincidences. Why would a random repair shop be snooping on a customer’s computer and send it to the FBI? A shop far from where this guy lives. Because it was Hunter Biden? What did they see where they were like, “OMG, better send this to the FBI.”

I used to work for a computer company. If someone never picked something up, we wiped it clean and resold it to recoup the repair cost. But hypothetically, if I did find something I felt like had to be reported to the authorities, I wouldn’t be making a copy of it.

The fact that it ended up in Guiliani’s mitts means it has shit all over it. I wouldn’t trust that guy even if he was handing out $100 bills. The chain of evidence is so broken at this point. Oh and the NY Post? Really? Was the Enquirer too busy?

And from what I have heard, the most “damning” thing was an unclear email about thanking him to for setting up a meeting, but there were zero details on this.

If there is actual illegal shit going on (and I don’t trust any one in politics to NOT be doing self serving deals), fine, have the FBI look at it. But thus far this sounds like at worst pure fabrication, and at best, bad faith presentation of the facts.


Yep. The whole thing is pretty much bullshit all the way down… :woman_shrugging: