New York Times Gaza writer has no journalism experience and boosted call to slaughter Palestinians: “violate any norm”

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I wish I could say this surprised me.


I remember that, which also brings to mind a previous uncritical platforming of any story about the crimes of the official enemy:

But as you say, Atrocity propaganda has been a media mainstay since at least the USS Maine.


Propaganda delivered. (And I suppose the NYTimes won’t retract the story, either.) I guess we’ll never know what the truth of what happened. We had the weirdness of Biden talking about the story of babies beheaded by Hamas (and claiming to have seen photos of it, even), when Israel itself debunked the story. (I’m still wondering if someone did show Biden photos of an event that didn’t happen.)


I’m sure 20 years from now, when all that is left of the Palestinian people are a diaspora and the West has lost even the patina of caring about human rights as anything except empty words to throw at their rivals, the NYT can run some asinine editorial about how “we” let that happen too.

These people belong in hell, and apparently they know that because they’re working hard to make sure our world is hell too. :rage:


Bullshit. There will be evidence with regards to what did happen. It will have be documented in numerous ways, by numerous actors. If we don’t push for the truth and just give the fuck up and pretend like one can never know reality, then yeah, we’re never know. But fuck that noise. We can establish facts and get to the bottom of things if we want to.

They are the ones who TOLD him about it, and he believed them…


My worry is that the propaganda value of the narratives will mean that the people who could be investigating won’t ever be allowed to, with the propaganda masquerading as journalism allowed to permanently muddy the waters.

Seems like the story was largely being propagated by (state-backed) “journalists,” (and outright propagandists) while simultaneously the Israeli state (eventually) admitted it hadn’t happened. (Which is an interesting strategy - spread the lie, so it’s useful propaganda justifying their response, then presumably disclaiming it to appear a reliable source of information.) I really wonder about the supposed “pictures,” though - if Biden was trying to strengthen a claim he believed (or not) by pretending to have seen pictures, was confused, or was actually shown fake pictures by someone.


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