New Zealand 'cat burglar' caught stealing men's underwear. Cat as in "meow"

cute overload!

They didn’t belong to anyone in the house and one
day Brigit walked into our lounge carrying a sock like a kitten," she
said, adding that Brigit’s unlucky victims were probably a nearby flat
“full of blokes”.


She looks so content with her prizes


My buddies cat used to do that when we were kids…
Socks, undies, bras, etc - nobody would notice until some sort of critical mass was reached and then they would have to monitor her travels around the house to figure out where her new hiding spot was located.


cats like 'em funky, apparently.

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Why does the BBC categorise us as “world-asia” down here ? :disappointed: Oceania or Pacific would be much more appropriate.

It’s like they have one of those maps … :frowning:


The BBC is often very sloppy about things outside of the British Isles.

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Not to mention pretty dodgy about domestic stuff too. 100,000 strong protest? Ignore.

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"Nice license fee thing you got going there. Shame if anything bad happened to it … "

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Pretty much what Max Reiser said last night.

It is an international incident, cat burglars everywhere,


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