New Zealand high schoolers taught that gays await "death and hell"

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I assume that the ““informed” relationship decisions.” was to do with: there are some bigoted nut jobs out there be careful…


I was taken aback by the choice to keep using the material. It seems there’s far more to the story than that linked article supplies.

This was an advance study class for people considering health professions.
The material was in the class as an example of attutdes they might encounter in the field…or ‘things not to do’.
And presented as part of a discussion about the materials.

Lydia Harrison Clark says the school told her that, unfortunately, the teacher was away sick on the day of the lesson and had left the pamphlet and questions with a reliever teacher, who had not undertaken the discussion part.


The only problem I have with this situation is that it should have taken place in the context of a political or religious studies class, not a health class.

The article eventually makes it clear that the propaganda wasn’t distributed as any particular educator’s efforts at indoctrination, but as an example of different views on families and lifestyles. It was just a ridiculously inflammatory counter-example that really didn’t need to be presented in that class.

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It’s all very well to rant about these things, but…

What is their effect ?

If someone did that with my kids, they’d just laugh at them,

The effect is that Christians are made to look bad.

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Yes, your kids would be illustrating the difference between information and affect., except that in this case, both end up being the same.
Information: they’re idiots.
Affect: they’re idiots.

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[quote=“thaumatechnicia, post:6, topic:57662, full:true”]
Yes, your kids would be illustrating the difference between information and affect., except that in this case, both end up being the same.
Information: they’re idiots.
Affect: they’re idiots.
[/quote]I find it interesting that I’m pretty sure you meant “effect”, but “affect” still leaves the sentences totally accurate…

Yeah. It seems the pamphlet in question was (appropriately enough) being used as an artefact to study WRT “social attitudes you may encounter”, and the homework questions would have been along the lines of “how many factual falsehoods can you find”.
They were talking about it, not teaching from it.

The NZ sex-ed curriculum includes plenty of content on social and emotional development - the biological plumbing bit is only a small part of the whole program. Mental health, emerging maturity, and dealing with sociatal pressure, as well as studying the changes in attitudes to sex through the ages and across different cultures is very much a part of sex-ed.
As such, a copy of this pamphlet as an object of study would fit right in, alongside a few pages of an old Playboy magazine, a copy of national geographic, a Renaissance painting of outrageous codpieces, a recipe for contraceptives from Pompei, an information pack on male and female “circumscision” around the world, and a few choice excerpts from Chaucer.

Yes, this is sex-ed, as these topics would not be allowed to fit comfortably into other disciplines of study at this level. And sex-ed just happens to be placed in those few hours per week broadly labelled ‘health and physical education’


New Zealand high schoolers taught that some people believe that gays await “death and hell”


Look, fact-checking is hard.


This headline and story is misleading, as is practically every other story on what happened.

The students were given the pamphlets as part of an exercise in examining various attitudes towards sexual health that exist in the community. It was supposed to be a critical evaluation, not an indoctrination. Unfortunately, the source article is written to be deliberately inflammatory rather than a reliable accounting of events. If you read the whole thing, it amounts to “parent misunderstands context of student’s lesson”.

So yeah, it’s basically the difference between students being told that Nazism is brilliant and examining the causes of the Second World War. Come on BoingBoing, I expect better from you.


As a New Zealander / Aotearoan I’m becoming increasingly concerned that God bothering extremists and financial fundamentalists are portraying us as common morons in the eyes of the world . We’re a very complex and egalitarian society with many firsts to our credit. First vote for women, forty hour working week , first person on the highest hill etc. And now this. A nasty, bigoted, ignorant piece of junk has made it’s way into a school and onto the global media. As if prime minister john key’s hair pulling bullying wasn’t bad enough.


No, I meant affect.

To illustrate that I do know the difference:
When you study calculus, you learn that the derivative of f(x) = 3x^2 is f(x) = 6x.
Also, you learn that you hate calculus.

/Actually, I think calculus is very cool.
//Working from what I recall from Intro to Calculus and my high school Ethics class some forty years ago.

How about updating the post with some facts?

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