Teacher forced into retirement for showing archival queer-scare movie


‘Looking for a change of pace, he found the “Boys Beware” film on Youtube and thought it would be “funny” to show students the outdated depictions of gay men.’

Yeah, I had a few teachers who also thought homophobia was hilarious.

Teachers handling sensitive material that demonises some of their students need to be very careful with the context in which the present this material. It sounds like he wasn’t.

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Just like you are careful in your contexts for demons? What is it you dislike about them? Many neo-Platonists think they are peachy keen.

So a complaint from 2 students led to his early retirement. But at the same time, a student started a petition and lots of other students rallied to his support. Seems they really did learn and important life lesson. Careful what you say in the classroom. One of the most telling quotes from the news article: “We talk about the Jews being persecuted, the slave trade, but nobody has ever complained about that.”


Sounds to me like a “Reefer Madness” style flick.


Two parts that stood out for me:

Simon said he taught world history for most of his lengthy career, but in his final weeks he found himself teaching a class on the psychology of law enforcement, the judicial system and the dangers of sex offenders - a waste of his time, he said, since he had no experience in public safety.

Looking for a change of pace, he found the “Boys Beware” film on Youtube and thought it would be “funny” to show students the outdated depictions of gay men. His bored senior class - slated to graduate at the end of this week - did not seem interested, Simon said.

Past teachers in his position have also shown students episodes of “Cops,” he said.


The district has no policy against showing historic news clips, including those regarding LGBT issues, the district’s spokeswoman, Michele Stidham, told The News.

… and for all we know, the complaints were that he failed to make the “homosexual agenda to take over America” scary enough.

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Maybe the students weren’t paying attention when he was explaining the context. Without seeing the complaint it’s hard to tell what’s going on.

At least some people seem to think that the problem here is that the teacher’s use of this film is what has been taken out of context:

A former student came to the beleaguered teacher’s defense, drafting a petition that says the students took Simon’s lesson out of context and has already been signed by more than 3,500 people.


I was expecting it to be funnier. In terms of outdated “educational” videos it is pretty pedestrian.

Fookin’ell… That video is one hour, forty-six minutes long and it’s part eight! I enjoyed about ten minutes of paranoia, but that was enough for me.


That was a test. You passed.


If it’s a “Reefer Madness” style flick, I can only imagine the conditions under which otherwise innocent straight men try it once, and are forever corrupted.


So he was “a high school teacher and coach for 47 years”.
Doesn’t that make him at least 70 years old?
What on earth is early about that retirement?
Why was he still working in the first place?


The school district defended itself by saying the early retirement wouldn’t affect his benefits. Sooo… when they thought he was teaching anti-gay hatred in school time, they gave him a fake punishment?

In other news…


… not.

If history teachers get in trouble for teaching history, just because bad things happened in the past, then something is wrong.


One judge in the Prenda Law case is over 90, and his remarks have been very acute. Some people just age differently. A lot of teachers burn out by their 40s, he is obviously very tough.

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I show this film to my middle school kids when we discuss the 1950’s. The context is the perception of the '50s as Leave it to Beaver, when there was real oppression and forceful conformity on so many fronts. Thank goodness I live in a place where presenting curriculum like that is lauded, not derided.