Florida teacher under investigation for showing class Disney movie with gay character

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Oh noes!


The movie also has some characters that express a heterosexual attraction towards each other.

I hope that there’s a court ruling sooner rather than later that says that, if this law is somehow constitutional at all (and it definitely shouldn’t be) that it has to be enforced neutrally, so that no mentions of heterosexual couples or cis gender identities is allowed either.


What if the feelings are “Eat lead Kinkaid, you SOB!”?


“While not a main plot of the movie, parts of the story acknowledge that gay people exist at all. This is unacceptable in Florida, where only white, straight, cisgender Evangelical Protestant men are officially recognized as people, and white, straight, cisgender Evangelical Protestant women are recognized at the discretion of the men.”


What’s next, Florida banning “Wings” (1927)?


I’m sure that “miscegenation” is going to get recriminalised by the Pudding Figured Fucker if he isn’t stopped.


The complaint is part of Florida’s controversial legislation, signed last year by Gov. Ron DeSantis, banning certain instruction about sexual orientation and gender identity in the classroom.

Begin malicious compliance:
Under that criteria, start complaining about all content that includes ALL sexual orientations (including any hetero) and gender identities in the classroom.

For a start the list would include:

  • All Disney Princess films
  • Any film that has a wedding scene
  • Any drama that includes a greater conflict where traditional enemies unite to battle the greater foe
  • (I’m sure we can come up with others, including Christian films that are “canon” to their beliefs like “The 10 Commandments”)

I feel like banning anything at all sexual is part of their endgame.


Exactly. That is why I am proposing to dump that hot potato into their “Christian” pants.

(Note: I don’t mean that as a slight to true Christians, just the ones that have weaponized the name to persecute others because they don’t understand that the First Amendment includes “freedom from religion.”)


It’s not. Otherwise, they would stop trying to protect child marriage…

Their goal is to not have any sort of conversation around sexuality that is informative and that empowers anyone other than rich white men. Mythologized expressions of sex and sexuality that furthers their goal of naturalizing one sort of relationship (what they call “biblical marriage”) at the expense of all others is fine. A realistic understanding of sex and sexuality, even hetero, is a direct threat to their attempt to seize power.


“As a leader in this community, I’m not going to stand by and allow this minority to infiltrate our schools … God did put me here.”

Man, I just know I’ve heard that sort of speech before, if only I could put my finger on it…


“This is not the place for this teacher to impose her views on the students. also, I was put in this position by God himself…”


Unfortunately, griefing the schools doesn’t help. Legally incoherent policymaking plays out by making public education a shallow and stupid wasteland where no one wants to work, which is DeSantis’ preferred outcome.


Florida governor under investigation for being a complete asshole.


i’ve never heard of this movie, but now i am going to seek it out and watch it. it sounds great.


Unfortunately it seems like most other people hadn’t heard of it either. Despite reasonably positive reviews it was considered a huge financial flop that lost the company about $200 million. Bigots will credit that failure to the inclusion of a couple of gay characters but the reality was a little more complicated. The company did very little to promote the film, it wasn’t based on any existing IP, wasn’t a musical, the plot was very hard to explain without spoilers, etc.

But if you have Disney+ then go watch it! Not the very best Disney film, but it certainly had its moments in my opinion.


It also wasn’t that great of a movie. It was ok but not great.

… God did put me here."

As far as that person, if you’re not at a parochial school, GTFO with that. I don’t want any religion at my public school and saying that your chosen deity has placed you in a decision point should make you automatically ineligible to make adult decisions since you lack critical thinking abilities without resorting to this.


Already begun:


Sounds like admission of voter fraud to me.


Are any teachers actually doing this, though. It’d be great if they are, but I suspect we’d be seeing stories.

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