News of the Times Flashback: Pearl Harbor Attacked; FDR Doesn't Know Who Did It


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH we remember Pearl Harbor and the the Fake News hoaxes saying it was Japan that attacked it



FDR wasn’t there when the bombs dropped so trying to make the man say with confidence who the attackers were when he clearly wasn’t present would make him a liar and he has too much integrity for that. And talk of this money distributed from Japanese banks to members of his campaign staff, well that was all above board and has no connection to this recent attack by members unknown. Fake news.


These comics used to be more fun when reality wasn’t such a joke in itself.


I pray that shirt is satire. If so, I want it!


Satire threw her hands up in the air and went home. Told her boss - “you deal with this shit!”


I only wish Trump was able to read that.


I like the reference to “pizzagate.”

If there’s one single thing that better illustrates how removed from reality the GOP has become, I can’t think of it. It takes “birtherism” to a whole new level.

A lack of evidence is not proof of conspiracy. See also: Seth Rich.


That is the one thing I haven’t seen right wingers try and justify yet: the failure to enforce sanctions. If there is nothing to all this, why not enforce them?


If Cesc Fàbregas wasn’t there throwing pizza at Alex Ferguson, then it didn’t happen.


Because, if there is nothing to all this, there is no reason for sanctions. Enforcing sanctions would be an admission that Russia did something that deserves to be sanctioned.


He seems to have a lot of insider information. Since he doesn’t trust out intelligence community I can only guess that it’s first hand knowledge. Comrade Putin must be proud of his disciple.


The extent and reaction to that hoax really tells you everything you need to know about the mindboggling stupidity, mental instability and sociopathic character of the present day American Right. They’ll terrorize random strangers and shoot up restaurants because their wackjob “pundits” spread a conspiracy theory, but they’ll almost elect an actual pedophile to the Senate.

Maybe we should really build an underwater Randian “paradise” like Rapture so we can ship these looneytoons there.


That would be the “D” ark.


Congratulations Mr President on being among the first Americans to travel to the Sun.


The more I see of the right-wing, the more I think they’re proud to believe in things that have no proof. That the U.S. was intended to be a white, Christian nation, the second amendment, capitalism, etc., are unassailable articles of faith to wear as proudly as a MAGA cap.


Bearing in mind that FDR was the only president in recent history who actually -did- throw US citizens into internment camps based upon their race, I wouldn’t be too quick about comparing him favorably to the cheeto.


Good point, although there are some American Indians who might differ with that “only.”


OK, corrected to “recent history”


“There better be the best aircon!”
“No worries. You’ll fly at night.”