News reporter thinks a mushroom is a microphone

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…And out in front of the deli was a man eating the most tremendous pickle. A pickle the size of four pregnant watermelons! Just a huge monster pickle.

He walked up to me, pushed the pickle in my face and started asking me questions. It was about the same time I noticed the pickle in my face I noticed a cord hangin’ from the long end of the pickle, goin’ up his sleeve down his shirt, into his pants and shoes out into a briefcase he had near his feet.

I knew it wasn’t an ordinary pickle…

—Arlo Guthrie (“The Motorcycle Song”)


There must have been some mushrooms involved before they started taping.


So is that a mushroom in your hand or are you just happy to see…wait a minute.


They need to hook him up with that Chinese reporter that made a similar gaff

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The best part is the sudden English.

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