Newscaster does a live segment unwittingly with her nude partner in the background

I noticed that too.



He was…


Nothing wrong here, guy is just hanging out.

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Working out of a shared living space is hard. If I tried to do a Zoom demo from my bathroom it would last maybe 8 seconds before one of my kids started banging on the door screaming that they needed to pee.


is that what the kids call it nowadays?


No no, you’re thinking of “bang my trim”.


I have a difficult time imagining the show producer watching her camera in one of the preview monitors wasn’t the one completely freaking out over the background.

Working from home, we are holding company meetings in peoples private homes and if their significant others want to dress in a business-inappropriate manner then thats their choice. Its happened once so far for us (not naked, just very casual) and its to be expected in this environment.

I’m a little teapot,
Short and stout,
Here is my…

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Remember when Janet Jackson’s boob was the single worst thing ever to happen to broadcast media?

Or more recently, we can’t let anyone see Daryl Hannah’s booty nosiree!


In a bit of weird synchronicity, there is a taxi drivers’ lunch spot in a railway arch near me that for some reason has a Tom Selleck standee in the window. Every time I walk past the protruding brick pier and Magnum’s standing right behind it I’m like, “Aagh! Tom Selleck!”


Or the single BEST thing. YMMV.

But a cardboard cut-out in the shower?

Its going to get very wrinkly, quite fast.


I see we’re assuming that’s the woman’s partner. It could be a relative. Or a friend. Or a shower-tester, making sure the shower works correctly.

You sir, are clearly an unamerican SINNER!

Body parts are inherently evil, because you know, it’s them that makes me think the naughty thoughts (couldn’t possibly be something I should be able to control myself or grow up a bit and chill out on…)

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