Newscaster faints on air and masterfully recovers


Wow, her head looked like it hit the ground pretty hard, it is amazing how quickly and gracefully she was able to continue.


Brooke Graham, you are a consummate professional. I salute you!


Actually it looked like fairly soft snow to me, and the ski binding held on to her feet, which seemed to reduce the rate at which she fell.

Looks like they have some good snow in Utah. Sorry I can’t be there.

She is a trooper but, when she continued the interview and asked me a question, the first thing I would say is “are you alright?” Are far as the snow goes, I see huge bare spots under those trees in the back and Alta, the highest ski area around Salt Lake City is only reporting 46" of settled snow mid mountain, not so good.

Knew someone with low resting blood pressure who was prone to fainting. (“Here, hold this.” “OK, why?” [Thud]) Generally, the fall didn’t hurt her and we were careful not to let her hit anything on the way down. As anyone who’s done theater or martial arts or tumbling knows, simply collapsing loosely and rolling with it tends not to do damage as often as trying to fight the fall and putting all the force into a smaller point.

(I used to spend a fair amount of time throwing myself and others onto a fabric mat. More recently, I spent a few weeks dramatically swooning onto a rehearsal-room floor and a few days onto a stage.)


What a champ! However, in my highly-unscientific estimation, I’m going to guess that at the moment she came to, she didn’t realize she had fainted.

When I was twelve years old, I inhaled a big balloon full of helium in one shot. I have no recollection of this, but apparently, I fell back like a plank of wood, hit my head on the ground, started shaking and then my lips turned blue. Immediately after, I got up and started eating my lunch again as if nothing had happened! Haha! My friends were pretty flipped out, but I felt fine. lol

So uh yeah, my point is that to me, the way she fell and got up seems similar to my experience.

She had a history of fainting so she was probably used to the experience, but as I’ve only ever fainted once, my experience jives with yours.

(I turned around too fast and bumped my elbow on a desk in high school, then was suddenly on the floor and my whole body was buzzing. I was a little confused, but I had no idea what happened and just sat back in my chair.)

Having just come back from the Swiss Alps, I’m going to guess the altitude got to her. (Fortunately I was in an enclosed lift when it hit me.)

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