People fainting on live television: a very strange supercut video

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Forget the people fainting. I want more bunnies!

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I fainted in fifth grade.

I remember I was at the chalkboard demonstrating an addition problem.

The first number ended with the digit 9.

I remember looking at the board, confused as to why I was writing the digit 9 over and over, more and more sloppily.

The next thing I remember was being carried to a dark room to lie down, with a splitting headache, from having bounced my head off of a filing cabinet.

The sensation just before passing out was a fuzzy, drunk feeling, that seemed to last a long time after, but that could have been a concussion.

Not a very pleasant experience, but certainly memorable.

The fascinating part about fainting is the people have enough time to get themselves down to a safe position on the ground, but the deer in the headlights mental vacuum prevents that and causes a nasty head injury more often than not.

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Micturition syncope … fainting when getting up in the middle of the night to pee.

The very best time to make like a girl, guys. SIT!

This is a cascade of autonomic systems trying to do their job and failing, often because of a skipped meal.
You see this is in a large part women, for no other reason than they on average have less % muscle mass, our main glycogen storehouse.
When you skip a meal your body releases glucagon which asks the muscles and liver to send glycogen into the blood as glucose. Adrenaline and other stress hormones cause a strong glucagon release, unless your body is really good at ketotic metabolic conversion your body just runs dry(as far as your glucose burning brain is concerned) of glycogen and everything goes to warm gummy bear time.
The lesson being to ideally cycle in an atkins rules week or two every few months, do regular endurance exercise, eat big fat/protein meals or carb pack the day before, or keep a few athletes gel shots handy in your pocket when anticipating an unusual(to you) stressful, mentally challenging, athletic, or high altitude event especially with possibility of skipped meals.

The existence of a youtube supercut of some phenomenon is not enough evidence to conclude anything about that phenomenon’s frequency of occurrence. Jus’ sayin’.

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Big fun at parties you are I bet.


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