Newspaper issues correction concerning human-goat war




If there is anyone on this planet who could broker a truce, it's Dennis Rodman.


Yea, it's all fun and games, until you get bleeted out of existence....


Genetic engineers have been putting spider genes in goats for years. ON PURPOSE. We are fucked.


I can't say I was that concerned. I know too well what we're up against.


It's clearly a cover-up. The government knows all about the upcoming Goat War, and is taking great pains to hide it. The truth must get out, people!


this newspaper seems unclear about the difference between a statement and a question.

but anyway, y'all are approaching this all wrong. none of this has anything to do with four-legged animals. everyone knows that World War 3 will be the Greatest Of All Time.


We at Boing Boing would like to not apologize for cropping some seemingly unrelated woman into the story.


It's coming. Don't you doubt it. It's coming I tell you!


Also, Spider Goats:


goat war? They're dangerous buggers wink



This would never have happened if Obama hadn't damaged the dignity of the Presidency by appearing on an internet talk show.


I first read that as goat stimulator. I thought "finally something for the farm boys".


Time to start working on spiderpigs stuck_out_tongue


the original article:


I was just about to come in and drop some snark and this image stopped me dead. All other snark is hereby trumped by this grim view of the future.


Fortunately Boing Boing has already alerted us about the inherent evil of goats:


I, for one, welcome our new cloven-hoofed overlords.

(there, that's out of the way.)


Somebody forgot the first rule of Goat War...