NHS Data Grab

Heads up. Those in England might want to opt-out of the gov’s latest ham-fisted, rushed, opaque data harvesting clusterfuck in the making. Especially if you don’t want that blood sucking ghoul Palantir to get its hands on it. The deadline was supposed to be the end of June but they’ve pushed it back due to pressure from campaign groups like Foxglove who were about to hand their arse to them in court (again).




UK government bows to pressure, agrees to delay NHS Digital grabbing the data of England’s GP patients

Stay tuned for our commentary on the amazing doublespeak about the project from UK health secretary Matt Hancock.


This whole god damned government is the department of doublespeak, or the ministry of truth would be more accurate. It seems they are incapable of making the right decision without first being taken to court, massive public pressure, popular footballers shaming them or all of the above.


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There you are. Or here. I can never remember.


Oh! Thank you! I didn’t know you had the awesome power to reopen threads and i feel like this one is gonna run. Especially with Palantir still being all up in the NHS’s business with the Tories selling it off bit by bit.


I feel this is worth resurrecting because it’s far from over but we have scored a win and there’s enough bad news as it is.

A lack of trust also caused an uproar over this spring’s scheme to pool England’s 55 million patient records into a permanent data lake, and to give companies access. Ministers hoped, perhaps, that COVID gave them a political mandate for a data free-for-all, in which companies could be readily let in to play in NHS records.

They were wrong. Well over a million people opted out of that scheme, which – again after a Foxglove-led coalition threatened legal action – has since been kicked into the long grass.