Nigerian restaurant shut down for serving human flesh


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The original BBC source has since retracted the story:

“The story about the Nigerian restaurant which we published here was a mistake and we apologise. It was incorrect and published without the proper BBC checks. We have removed the story and have launched an urgent investigation into how this happened.
The BBC Swahili service’s reputation for accuracy and balance remains of paramount importance to us and we are taking the appropriate steps to insure that mistakes like this do not happen again.”


Yeah I thought wait hadn’t I heard this one before and wasn’t it a hoax…



I sometimes desire “human flesh”, with my Wife that is…

nyuk, nyuk, nyuk…


I wonder what it says about our preconceived ideas about Nigeria that people fall for stuff like this.


“… and such small portions, too!”


Not much good… When I imagine Nigeria, though, it looks and sounds like this:


But the Telegraph hasn’t retracted it, so it must be true!

Anyway, here’s a fun list.


Woodhouse: When I served in the King’s African Rifles, the local Zambezi tribesman called human flesh “long pig.” Never much cared for it.


@japhroaig - is there a long food writer in the house?



But how were the portions?


I’ve never been able to confirm the veracity of this story, but a quote I’ve heard attributed to Idi Amin is, “I would never eat human flesh. That’s barbaric. Besides it’s much too salty.”

I thought that was a wonderful response to accusations of cannibalism.


It’s pretty much the place where humans have been the longest. Therefore we’ve had time to make it more horrible than most places. Or it could be the 419 scams and the pirates but it’s probably the genocidal criminals.


I am glad they were shut down… they refused to serve human flesh at my gay wedding…


What was on the dessert cart?


This has absolutly nothing to do with a Nigerian restaurant shut down for serving human flesh!


“A directory of incorrect things…”


It’s a bummer?

Okay then…