Unsettling British pork advertisement


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I’m eating pork right now.


Definitely not a human leg.



Jesus, this feels like something that belongs in the Beef and Dairy Network “universe.”


“Pork. It’s Pig.”

This message sponsored by the Pork It’s Pig Council.


Pork, the other very white meat.


me too! just had roast pork and polenta for lunch.



Or maybe


That guy sounds exactly like the villain of numerous British horror movies/tv shows (the tone, the accent, the intonation). I have to wonder if that commercial is the reason why.


If you really want retro commercial insanity, go no further than old Hungarian food spots:

I swear this has not been edited from the original to the best of my ability to determine.


Notice how they don’t show anybody but the patriarch standing? Makes you think, don’t it? This isn’t their first meal.







He sure does seem quietly furious about pork


Isn’t it interesting how we call the meat of the fish and fowl we eat by the name of the animal, but mammal meat always gets a whole different word?


British Pork… all we eat, right family? Pork… yes… that man who came 'round last week asking about me… not a bother anymore, right family? Pork… dig in.


I was living in rural England during the beginnings of the bovine spongiform encephalopathy scare. My butcher insisted it was a hoax. He sourced most of his meat from local farmers (one reason I used him, the meat was delicious), and did end runs around local inspection policies. He was ultimately caught, and went out of business.