Nightmare park attendant blocks driver, then falsely tells 911 she's being run over


dang, she has a whole thing worked out, scream bloody victim on anyone she wants to assert power over…pretty fucked up. sad thing is that if she’s been doing it for a while, it obviously has been working. this is somewhere between crying wolf and swatting. she doesn’t seem to grasp how cameras work though…one fatal flaw in her plan is that it is 2018, cameras are everywhere.


I dont understand how this isn’t speculating about her mental health? You’re not naming a specific disorder, but still seem to think there is something ‘unsusual’ about her mental process, yeah?


I’m sure she was fun as a co-worker. “She may scream that you’ve run her over, but apart from that, she’s perfectly alright.”

I was thinking about if posting the video, after the incident was over, was too much, but since she’s done this at least twice, it’s probably for the best. The next time could be someone DWB without video when the police pull them over.




Why is there now a Boing Boing Store pop up that floats over the text of every story I try to read? Is it just Safari or just me or…?

BB has been a mess on Safari for the last week or two… Chrome works ok and I haven’t fired up FF to test, but the flood of intrusive can’t scroll over it, can’t scroll around it, can’t get rid of it advertising is most annoying.

I am still seeing BB ad-free on Firefox with an adblocker but sometimes I have to resize the window to get rid of intrusive sidebars.

use the blog view instead of the site view.

That is,


pfft real fans use ASCII


pfft real fans use ASCII

Ha! Thanks! Adding that to my bookmarks for those days when it’s all just too much.



I’m curious how she’s identified as a park attendant, when the attendants arrive in uniform. She looks like someone who wandered away from their campsite and decided to take matters into their own hands.

I mean, I see the post says she was identified as a park worker, but… the uniformed folks seems just as confused by her behavior as the driver. The guy saying the police are coming doesn’t even really sound like he’s threatening anything, just “welp, she already called 'em.”

Strange all around.


Why is this on here? And then it inevitably results in an argument between those who do and don’t label her behavior as mentally ill. But why is it on here, if not for everyone to mock and label her behavior? What is the point?


My Diagnosis:

Complete and total asshole. Nothing less, anything more? I dunno.


Speaking as someone who has never been on a jet ski, I was completely unaware that “Jet Ski Body Orifice Rupture” was a thing until a friend with one mentioned it to me. So, it’s more “damage from high pressure water jet into a body cavity” rather than “suck”…


So… quite the opposite then… I see.
But for non-owners, they’re just too damn loud.


Yeah my wife once called me at work, while having a screaming fit. She had been driving our son to my dad’s place and had taken the wrong freeway exit. She insisted that my father had moved his house and remodeled the entire street just to mess with her.


Ah, RIF bad on my part! Glossed over the ‘I made a wrong turn’ part and didn’t make the connection.


Hopefully she will be charged with making a false call to the emergency services.


I think how it works is volunteers work for the park service for room and board in season, and those with some measure of work experience can get higher-paying jobs. Rangers are considered specialists who aren’t as involved in the petty administrative b.s., I think.
I’m open to correction, though.



If you feel that way, flag it and let the mods sort it out. But neither of us are saying she has a mental illness. We’re talking about her ACTIONS.


How utterly bizarre. This woman obviously does not understand the concept of her being recorded. At least they fired her.


Are you serious? If you were the guy being held against your will, would you speculate about her mental health? If Boing Boing posts this, I think we can all speculate about her mental health. Her actions certainly call for it. If Boing Boing moderators want to censor any and all postings about this type of behavior, maybe they should stop posting such videos and articles. You can’t post provacative articles and expect people to not point out the obvious.


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