Nintendo puts a "bittering agent" on game cards so people don't stick them in their mouths


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And this is why we had to put bittering agent on them, you idiots. Stop putting things in your mouth that are inedible.



So stirring my coffee with one is the problem.


How am I supposed to know ahead of time, smartypants?


Yeah, what the hell. If you found out the cards taste bad, then you are the reason they taste bad, moron.



I like the title of frauenfelder’s article more: a headline giving an outline of the content, not the clickbaity vagueness beschizza chose


Is there such a thing as “cultural pica”? because to be a serious nintendo fan I think a person would need some sort of compulsion.

With that in mind, this makes perfect sense!



What if, like aspirin, we like the taste? I mean, even if they’re bitter, they’re still better than Skittles.*


  • Take that, Skittles!


Apropos of nothing, my kid has that set of blocks. Can confirm this is what happens to them frequently.


What if you really like bitter things, like coffee and hops?

I suddenly want to taste a Nintendo cartridge now.


After a long day at work nothing is better than licking Zelda.

Wow, that sounds so wrong.


F. Scott Fitzgerald approves of this message


From the tone of the reviews I’ve read, an artificial source of customer bitterness is entirely redundant! Ba-DUM TSSSSHHHHUPUPDOWNDOWNLEFTRIGHTLEFTRIGHTBASELECTSTART


Cool stuff.

Wait, are they coated, or impregnated, or? I mean, could you wash it off? Drop it in someone’s drink as a prank? If it’s been sucked on more than once, will it eventually become palatable?

I want to know, but I don’t really want to know.



Actually I find it a bad idea: I’m the kind of person who will hold something between my lips all the time when I need to use both hands real quick.


Okay. Let’s see. Some kid with fingers wet from drink or saliva fiddles with the cards, then rubs his eyes with his fingers. What next?