Nirvana cover of "Bad Moon Rising" by Creedence Clearwater Revival


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Yes. That was Nirvana covering CCR’s Bad Moon Rising.

Underwhelming is my first thought. Not sure I’ll give it a second.


It’s a great song, but I prefer Nirvana’s version of “There’s A Bathroom On The Right.”


I agree. Maybe it was just the bad quality though.
Perhaps the ‘Rage Against The Machine’ version is more to your taste.


As much as I love CCR, I can’t listen to Bad Moon Rising in any version, at the moment; It’s too close to actual reality right now for comfort.

So instead:


I can’t imagine a random 15-year-old on a $10 amp in his bedroom playing worse. Enough with the Nirvana worship.


You wanna see something really scary?


The answer to that question is always an emphatic:

But I’ll take another helping of the Midnight Special, please and thank you.



So glad you posted that! That scene is revered in the Lindsay household. We still sing the National Geographic theme, with lyrics.


The lyrics made up in the movie, or you make up your own?


Heh! Started out as the movie lyrics, but we started adapting those to whatever is at hand.

“Look at that snowwwww-plow, it just buried some guy!”



That’s awesome; thank heaven for mirth and whimsy.


I see your cover by Nivana and raise you a brass cover of Nivana:


I so agree with you about this song, There’s A Bad Moon on the Right!



Holy shit this actually works


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