Nirvana's "Come As You Are," the swing version

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Well. That was a choice.

Reminds me of all those wonderful Postmodern Jukebox versions of popular songs, which I absolutely love.


That’s horrible. I love it :slight_smile:


Well, it was made “swinging” years ago by Charlie Hunter, others have since done similar.


Don’t forget Smells Like Teen Spirit ala Paul Anka. It’s a gem.


Oh, yeah, that’s way better.

Wow, hearing Anka do it like that really emphasizes how ridiculous the lyrics are.

And here I was going to say that what I liked was hearing the lyrics clearly.


That drum fill with the whistle at the end made me snort out loud.

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How about the lounge music cover of Rape Me performed by Richard Cheese:

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Dani Siciliano’s “Come as You Are” cover from 2004 has some swing feeling to it…

(well, that’s one way to upload a tune to youtube)


The pennywhistle and the oldsters dancing (then cut back to his Fred Rodgers ratty sweater) were juuust the right touches. :man_dancing:

That was an abomination! I love it!

Is that a nine-string guitar?

I just wish we could hear Cobain’s cover of “It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing).”

I can’t recall how many strings it has, but it’s basically a hybrid guitar/bass, note the fanned frets.

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I did notice those. Doubly in awe of the genius of not only playing that well, but playing that unusual an instrument.

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I had forgotten about this, but I believe the pickups are split too, the signal for the bass strings goes to a bass amp, the others to a guitar amp.

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Wikipedia knows more:

Hunter plays a custom seven-string guitar made by Jeff Traugott. Previously, Hunter played a custom-made, eight-string guitar made by luthier Ralph Novak of Novax Guitars. He played chords and lead guitar solos on the top five strings (tuned DGBe), and simultaneously played bass lines on the bottom three strings (tuned EAD). With the addition of a Hughes & Kettner Tube Rotosphere (a Leslierotary speaker simulator), his unique style produced a sound similar to that of a Hammond organ—an instrument he set out to imitate.[8]

In 2006, Hunter removed the top guitar string and had the neck of his guitar reworked and now plays a modified 7-string on the formerly-8 string body. Hunter has mentioned that because of his small hands, he had to move out of position to make use of the 8th string and thus wasn’t using it much. A change in Hunter’s style away from the organ sound into a more blues and distortion based sound happened at the same time. After removing the 8th string, Hunter retuned all of the strings up a half step: F-A#-D# on the bass and A#-D#-G#-C on the guitar. As of 2008, he had once again retuned up another whole step: G-C-F on the bass and C-F-A#-D on the guitar.[9]

On this site there is a good photo of the Novax guitar.

Here‘s more info on the 7-string which confirms @generic_name‘s statement that you can split the sound to two amps.

Can’t get behind the music, tho. Too many notes get my head spinning. :grinning: I rarely use more than 4 strings of my 6-string.

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