Nixon killed JFK and stole his brain! and other hard-hitting tabloid news


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I don’t really follow celebrity news - which of those stories is false?


It’s not the one about the Dalai Lama road rage incident. That guy drives like an asshole.


As a historian whose been known to study the cold war - the one about Nixon is totes true.


I knew it!


I don’t get it, if Nixon killed JFK for his brain wouldn’t he have been more careful to NOT go for the head shot?


The first shooter was accurate and got him in the throat, which was the plan, so that Nixon could steal his brain unharmed.


That’s because he thinks he sees the Buddha by the side of the road and swerves to hit him.


Magic bullets are terribly unpredictable. Just ask Harry Potter!


Jfk kept his back up brain on the moon. He wanted to back himself up.
Nixon just wanted the back up after the botched head shot.
Look it up its “history”.


Sharon Stone tells people mag that she is learning to play the harmonica, but I can’t tell if she’s just paying it lip service.



I know, right, gross middle age women. Yuck. /s


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