Hoover killed JFK, RFK & MLK, Brad Pitt’s private hell, and Mick Jagger’s mental disorder, in this week’s dubious tabloids

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Booo! …back to failing to format your posts. Come on, man!?!

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Now the Prince Phillip thing is
I know a young lady who recently had
a Defibrillator implant
and it sends a signal somehow
monitoring her heart.
The Dr. explained that with her condition,
in a split second, without symptoms,
her heart could stop…
which is the purpose of the implant.

Now as for Brad, I always thought it was
Gia (she was breathtakingly beautiful in that roll!) who was more “into” the whole
Mother Earth thing, anyway .

Now Elvis…
He and I go ::::::::::way back
My mother’s idol became
My First Love.
(If one canhave a First Love @ 7-yrs. old)
We saw every movie of his
at the drive in.

“What’s in my bag” has no
relevance to me
I’ve always used a backpack,
I never know how many books
I was going to carry home.

And don’t knock going Commando,
there’s plenty of hand-sanitizer

As for Ms. Wood
for God’s sake, leave her be.
We don’t need an autopsy
to understand Bob pushed her overboard.
(Chappaquiddick was the former “woman-in-the-water mystery”, wasn’t it?)

Mick Jagger?
Men In Tights never appealed to me.

Megan got to work immediately
on pro-creation
but Kate will always maintain
the lead

BTW, thanks to OP
for the great briefing!
Now I know “who to see”
and can stop leafing through
the scandal rags in the check out line

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