Njalla touts a reliable way to privately own domains: let it own them for you

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Putin would absolutely love this idea


It makes things more interesting to prevent ANYBODY from owning it. The notion that if a thing exists, some human must own it is demonstrably false as well as being a regressive notion.

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well i guess we know where all the overt white power websites are going to be registered. let hope they have more problems with hosting.


The biggest flaw i see is what if Njalia decides down the road to do something with the domain you do not like? You have no legal recourse if you’re giving them the rights of said domain.

I’m sure all this domain registration business is fascingating - but I am really curious about the picture - what is this shack on a pole? Why is it on a pole? When and where was the picture taken?

When I do a google image search to try to find it in its ‘original’ context, it just shows up attached to a bunch of articles about VPNs and bitcoin and various privacy technologies - nothing about shacks on poles.


To prevail in a domain name dispute under the UDRP, the complainant must prove that the disputed domain name “has been registered and is being used in bad faith.” UDRP 4(a).

If someone registers a domain incorporating one of my client’s registered trademarks, and uses Njalla’s service (which will list Njalla as the owner), this should make my task of showing bad faith so much easier.

OTOH, I cannot see how this helps the domain owner at all.

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That’s a very interesting photo. I’ve searched it as well and haven’t seen anything attributing an author.
It almost looks like some type of safe house for foodstuffs or maybe just an old fashioned cold curing shack made for drying fish in arctic climate. Like what a fisherman would need to use in the prime fishing season to ward against the cold coming winter when traditional (fresh caught ?) foods aren’t available.
And look closely…those fish hooks embedded are huge. Anti-Polar bear hooks?


I don’t really see what problem this solves. I can quit trusting some stranger by… trusting a different stranger?


That could be. I was thinking it might also be so you can throw a rope over them - maybe so someone on the ground can hoist supplies up to a second person at the top of a ladder, who’s arranging the contents of the shack.

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