No Aloe Vera in "Aloe Vera" sold at Wal-Mart, Target, and CVS


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I don’t know why you say goodbye when I say aloe.


Aloe? Is it me you’re looking for???


This chafes my ass.


It looks like

their vera-city is in question.



Unlikely if there’s no glucose, even a not-that-great fart lab can find glucose in a sample with its eyes closed.


Next time use this stuff. Works like a champ


Aloe… Vera… What has become of you?


The plant on my shelf is the same as it ever was… despite having bits cut off as needed.


Ohhhhhhh! Floyd!!!


Maybe you’re not using a legit aloe vera product on the aforementioned butt?


you know whatever lab that cooks this synthetic shit up is going to start adding acemannan, malic acid, and glucose.

this is as suspicious as all the honey coming from china with no pollen whatsoever.

or the fake olive oil from italy

there are even reports of fake walnuts, although those don’t pass once opened, so you’d never eat them.


Found it!


Well thank goodness these job creators have been freed from the dead hand of government regulation. Now if only President Trump could do something about that pesky Bloomberg.


Next thing you’ll be telling me there isn’t actually any aloe in the aloe drinks that I love so much.


Better put some Aloe Vera on that burn.

Oh… wait…


Even if you aren’t into organic food for the organic-ness, one of the benefits of organic certification is that there is an independent set of eyes making sure the product is what it says it is. Can’t get 3rd-party organic certification for honey that isn’t honey.

Of course, every time I make a statement like that on Boing Boing, someone finds a way to let the air out of my sails…



Not me!

There was massive (and a little shonky) investment in olive groves in Australia around 15 - 20 years ago. Those groves are now mature, flooding the market with olive oil.

Australian producers are at a disadvantage, because they are subject to tougher labeling laws than imported oils, so Australian olive oil sold here as first cold pressed extra virgin has to be just that. Plus it is fresh and seasonal rather than shipped by boat halfway across the planet.

And I can personally tell you that it is glorious stuff. I can buy olive oil from the supermarket to use for cooking that is easily good enough to serve with fresh bread at a white tablecloth restaurant.