No charges for cops who pinned Alton Sterling to the ground and executed him


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carrying a gun justifies killing you

Hey, if that’s the precedent they want to set, fine but all those guns cops carry are going to get them killed.


Key facts:
**• If they’re afraid, they can kill you. **
**• If you resist arrest, they can kill you. **
**• If someone says there’s a gun, they can kill you. **
• Guns are for whites.

Welcome to the USA.


NB: the “subjective fear” defense is only available to cops.

The irony is that if you shot a cop and argued that you had a subjective fear that the cop might be about to kill you, that defense would almost certainly be disallowed – even though there’s a growing quantity of evidence to suggest that such a fear is not unreasonable.


Still waiting for this to be tested in court.


Also, you being assaulted by a police officer can be “resisting arrest.” And doing anything or nothing qualifies as “reaching for the officer’s service weapon.”

  • If they declare, after the fact (hours, days, etc.) that they were afraid, they get away with murder
  • If they say you resisted arrest (solely determined by them), they get away with murder
  • If at any time they say they thought there might have been something in your hands, they get away with murder.
  • Guns are for whites.


Can’t be said often enough.



Same as it ever was.



Where was the NRA when this gentleman was executed? Why didn’t they fight for his right as a gun owner?

Never minds NRA only views minorities as terrorists or “thugs”


Here is the the totally fucked story of why cops can kill with impunity. Man it’s fucked.


This times a thousand. Or Philando Castile. Two Americans exercising their 2nd Amendment Rights, gunned down by people LaPierre has described as “jackbooted thugs.”


Gun ownership only matters when your skin is white. When black communities got tired of being pushed around and mistreated in the 60’s and armed themselves they were considered terrorists and were heavily monitored by the feds. But white americans that form militias, take over federal buildings, and even point loaded assault rifles at federal agents get off without as much as a slap on the wrist.

Fuck off NRA. And fuck off on gun rights. I’m all for gun ownership but this shit is lowkey a racist agenda.


The NRA said it will wait until the investigation is complete. Now that the investigation is complete we will see what it has to say.


Still convenient that they are willing to say they will wait until an investigation is complete when it comes to defending a black man’s rights vs fighting tooth and nail for white gun owners regardless of the facts or reality. Still interested to see what they’ll say…


I mostly agree but it doesn’t always go so well for armed white people and the federal government. Sometimes the federal government burns them and their families alive, or shoots their wives and children.

Also, here’s an anecdote from Texas. One of the guys my Dad hunts with was pulled over for some traffic violation. He informed the sheriff’s deputy that he had a carry permit and had a firearm in the vehicle, as required by law. The deputy immediately grabbed him by his neck and dragged him out of the vehicle, threw him on the ground, handcuffed him, and arrested him. A few hours later the poor guy was released with a bunch of scrapes and bruises and no charges filed. Possibly his white skin protected him from execution or prosecution.

In theory, treatment like that is why we have a Second Amendment. It’s supposed to give teeth to our other rights. Of course it doesn’t work that way in practice, as you point out. A big priority for an oppressive state is disarm the populace.


If they repeatedly shout “stop resisting” for no obvious reason…




Key facts:

• If they’re afraid, they can kill you.
• If you resist arrest, they can kill you.
• If someone says there’s a gun, they can kill you.
• Guns are for whites.

• Anything you do, including simply being alive, may be interpreted as “resisting arrest”

It has been tested in court. There are some death-row inmates you might ask about how well that defense went for them. (Although most people never even get a chance to think about using that defense because, historically, the cops hunt “cop-killers” down and kill them rather than take them into custody.)

The NRA has realized that there’s far more money to be made selling guns to afraid white people than consistently standing up for “gun rights,” thus their current focus on actively perpetuating a racist culture war.