No comment on goat sacrifice?

I presume it’s deliberate that the comments link for the article below just loops back to the article, rather than pointing at, you know, comments.


Florida Man strikes again, i presume.


Off topic, but not really, did anyone else watch the season opener of The Leftovers?


Did you know that some cultures don’t differentiate between goats and sheep?

One might even imagine that a young goat could be thought of as a lamb.

A sacrificial lamb. And he drank the blood.

What else did he consume?

And who is he trying to hide from?

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Also, the dudes on a fucking ego trip and is one of those white supremacists who denies he’s a white supremacist…

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Forget the goat sacrifice. I really don’t care about that. I’m far more interested in his politics.


Leftover goatmeat can be hard to figure out how to use. The fat likes to separate out into chunks on the surface, and it only gets gamier if you leave it in the fridge overnight. I recommend eating all the goat you got immediately, hot and fresh.


At least he didn’t fuck the dead goats head… right?

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Arriviste dilletante. He’d get nowhere in British politics with that kind of lackadaisical attitude to dead livestock.


I really apologize it took us so long to figure this out, definitively covered at BBS discussions missing

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