No peace in Hungary as thousands fill the streets, risking police violence, to protest slave labor law

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I wonder how long until the race to make slavery available to global corporations is used instead of tax incentives.


It’s the next logical step in race-to-the-bottom late-stage global capitalism.

It won’t be so bad for the workers, though. There will be state of-the-art living quarters and food “to die for” at WorryFree.


The slide away from democracy, including Hungary:


Coming Soon to a Democracy Near You!


Yep, you nailed it.


“Orban is part of the global wave of corrupt strong-man autocrats who have swept to power – see also Trump, Erdogan (Turkey), Duterte (Philippines), Bolsonaro (Brazil), etc – by targeting economically insecure victims of neoliberalism with racist messages and conspiracy theories about George Soros.”

It’s more insidious than that. Orban didn’t sweep into power as a far right populist. In fact, he started as part of a liberal youth movement. He became a centre-right prime minister in the late 90s, and gradually veered ever rightwards when in opposition after that. He ever so gradually kept moving towards the more extreme and reactionary end of things. In ways this slow populist tide is scarier than the Trump-ish sudden waves. Everything is normal and then one day - seemingly suddenly - you wake up and the government owns all the press and has de-certified CEU.


Trump refused to pay his subcontractors and construction workers. I wonder how his voters (86% in my county) would like to work under those conditions.

Looks like the old Nazi bloc has decided to enslave everybody, not just Jews. White supremacists, behold your future.

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