No place for The Rock in first wave of James Gunn's DC Universe reboot

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Black Adam was so bad I turned it off in the middle of the “climactic” final fight scene.

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I liked Pierce Brosnan as Dr Fate, even though he didn’t really have a lot to work with.


I thought DC had given up on a shared continuity for all its stuff? Hence how you could have the Joker film (and the Arrowverse and Supergirl shows) alongside the Justice League films.


I have not saw Black Adam but in all the trailers I couldn’t shake that it was just ‘The Rock’, I couldn’t see through that to the character as he didn’t look like a superhero, just Dwain Johnson being well, Dwain Johnson.

I do like his movies, and that works for most part but in this couldn’t get past it. I’ll still watch it tho eventually.

Kind of like when Vin Diesel played Bloodshot. It was a mediocre film, much like Black Adam.
At this point the only thing I would really be interested in seeing Vin in is another Riddick movie.

I do like when “The Rock” actually gets to play a fun and goofy character. He was pretty good in Pain & Gain.

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I had some hope that his portrayal would offset the otherwise obscure nature of the character and open it to wider audiences… unfortunately the movie ultimately didn’t hold up and if they can’t manage a good Black Adam movie with starpower like The Rock in the leading role, then it’s pretty unlikely a future attempt will ever be made. sigh

Seems like the new approach is to go for a shared continuity - except for the successful movies and their sequels that aren’t. Though that might be completely wrong, and the stuff Gunn is doing is actually just be more about setting the tone for future movies, or even just deciding to explore new characters (with some movies using existing characters getting pushed back a bit), rather than any sort of attempt at a shared setting.

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