NOAA hires climate change denialist for top role

Imagine being an Obama-era official and coming back to your agency after 4 years. I imagine it somewhat like this:


@Doctor_Faustus they’ll no where to look if we have a peaceful transition.

Yes and no.

Conveniently, this is one place where the sheer laziness of the Trumpistas is good. A lot of Trump’s executive orders, because they’re not based on the usual research/notice/comment process can be reversed on Day One. Others are simple nonfeasance, where the agencies have not bothered to change the regulations but have simply not been enforcing them (and companies have more or less stayed in compliance because they don’t want to place big bets against reversion to the old regime in January.)

For the minority of notice-and-comment changes, the research is already done and will require at most minor updates. The notice-and-comment part can’t be avoided but a lot of them will be fast tracked. Compliance won’t really take all that long since the parties have already had to comply in the past so very little new will be needed – sometimes as little as “stop dumping waste into the ocean.”

During the Obama Administration there was a lot of noise about “regulatory uncertainty” but you’ll notice that nobody has brought that up since 2017. It’s a real thing, and this time around there was a simple solution (for instance the automakers): just stick with the pre-2017 roadmap and you’re good both ways.

I am this close to trying that myself…

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That’s basically what Trump has done since pretty much day 1. Anybody with the “taint” of the Obama administration gets fired or eventually quits as a result of the awful and hostile working conditions. He fired Obama appointee AG Sally Yates barely a week into his term because she wouldn’t defend an unlawful order. Trump even took the unprecedented steps of firing the White House Chief Usher a few months into his term and replaced her with a Trump International guy.

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This is what happens when you fight a stranger in the Alps.

At the risk of excess snark, how about this one criterion: Did Trump (or his administration) appoint them? If so, OTDOTB! I feel certain there are sufficient competent people out there who could replace them that even if Il Douche inadvertently appointed someone who knew what they were doing (HA!!) replacing them would cause no harm.


It helps that my usual haircut is the relatively low hassle #5 on top, blended into a #1 on the sides and back.

With a bit of proprioception, and a few different gates, it’s pretty easy to get something that looks at least presentable.

Go for it! (what’s the worst that could happen? I mean, if you screw it up, just give yourself a buzz cut.)

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