Nobel laureate spots Turkish banknote error


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It’s just a victim of [tendril perversion] (“Tendril perversion”: when one loop of a coil goes the other way).


It’d be a pretty crappy rendition even if it did go the right way. The two strands of dsDNA aren’t evenly spaced as they go around – there’s a major groove and a minor groove. It might be meant merely to suggest, not articulate, the idea of DNA.


It’s a sad day for humanity if we can’t trust Turkish money to get science right.

Dibs on band name!


Apparently this is a pretty common mistake. In his book Regenesis, geneticist George Church jokes about the massive number of times he’s seen this on various graphics. I don’t recall that he mentioned bank notes.


Is that why Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan looks like Gollum?


What Sancar doesn’t know is that the monetary systems of the world are controlled by the lizard people, whose DNA is exactly like that depicted on the banknote.


Much too big as well. No way you could see DNA structure with the naked eye. Now, about that atom…


It only looks like it’s reversed because you’re looking at it from the wrong side, it’s depicted from Ayden Sayili’s perspective on the banknote, and looks fine from his angle.


A-DNA and B-DNA have major and minor grooves. Z-DNA doesn’t.

I’m actually not sure exactly what Sancar’s criticism is; it isn’t communicated clearly in the linked article. The molecule shown is left handed, as Z-DNA should be. Saying the image “shows a left-handed Z-DNA helix winding from left to right, when it should be the other way round” doesn’t make any sense. A left-handed Z-DNA helix (all Z-DNA helices are left handed) does wind from left to right. The image on the banknote winds from left to right. The issue must be something more detailed that the reporter is missing.


Shall we bash that representation of the atom, too? Is it supposed to be some impossibly unstable form of H3-, or are we supposed to believe that a beryllium nucleus is only a little bigger than electron? Never mind that the relative sizes of the orbits are completely out or proportion. And so on.


Yeah. The error was even on the cover of the journal Nature in 2010 (which you’d think would know better).


Could be the name of the next " Bond" adventure.


Came here to ask the same…


Or some “R” rated anime style…


Right. Which is why the guy pictured on the banknote clearly has his They Live glasses on.


Calling Grant Jacobs!


And before that, in 2005:


When informed about this the head of the Turkish Central Bank made the following statement:


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