Nobody’s off the hook

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OR WAS HE :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Is he really gone? McCarthy was just down at Mar A Lago licking his boots.


The idea that the mob was largely working class has been debunked:

ETA: I read a better take on this somewhere else but can’t remember where.


Yes, they have all of the high priced toys - new pickup trucks and SUVs with no evidence of ever being off a paved road, new flak vests, shiny military style rifles and sidearms etc. These folks are just bigots that think they can keep their positions atop the privilege heap by hook or (with help of a) crook.

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There are, sadly, a lot of people on the left and in the media who are quick to blame the working class and perpetuate the myth of “economic anxiety,” which is the opposite of helpful. The people benefitting at the expense of the working class wouldn’t have it any other way.


Yes… at the urgings of others in the GOP:


The important thing is that the Beer Hall has been secured and we can now rest assured that the Putsch was a one-time thing we can safely put behind us without a second thought.


enabling the last four years

Reagan’s FCC dumped the fairness doctrine long before Trump came along. Financial market protections were stripped away during the Clinton years… will the self examination stop at just 4 years?

If the corruption seems to slow down, that is probably a good sign, but it’s not a reversal. I don’t think we’re ever going back to peak consumer spending power of the mid 70’s. Or peak labor union power of the 30s.


Well said!

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Yeah this is great. I think most normal people have been saying this for four years, that Trump and his surrounding team was utter bullshit. So who’s going to really hammer this home in Congress? Or in court? Who’s going to actually lose their jobs for backing this shit storm? I’m just glad somebody else is in charge now because like with most politics, they really are all in it together and I won’t hold my breath for any accountability

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Someone said that Trump supporters’ “economic anxiety” really meant white people being afraid that they were losing economic power and non-white people were gaining it.


The dumb fuckers. This was their chance to break ties with Tump and spend the next four years grinding him into utter irrelevance. They could have spent four years, and a few spare billion dollars on luring his voters back to their fold. Maybe, come 2024, Trump or one of his brood will be running as an Independent and splitting the Republican base with vile neo-Nazi rhetoric.


I am still holding out for Trump begging on the streets, collecting change in his overturned wig, after his creditors come to collect.


i accept responsibility for my part in all this. no social media presence, not getting my news from facebook, reading what candidates had to say before forming my opinions. i voted for people who i believed actually cared about more than power or influence. people who were informed and accepting of science and our need to make real changes in order for this democracy to survive. people who cared about justice and equality and human rights. i am guilty of all that. hope you are too.


I admire the optimism and wish I could hold it, but if anyone thinks Trump is out or that Fascist plans are thwarted then they are in for a shock. The most reasonable expectation now is that the promise of 2022 keeps the tumor growing. It’s worth realizing the capital assault was %100 successful in its “real” goal where “real” is the one the influencers probably most expected if not the participants. The Republican party was put on notice they have to stay in line, that the Trumpist movement can still move people to do batshit things including kill people, vote for monsters, and shower money on anyone willing to play to their interests. That’s a combination the power junkies can’t ignore.

We got our bandaid, but that’s not going to help with cancer.

edit: to say that there is hope, but it’s that we’ll do hard work, like pass legislation, unionize, and practice resilience and prepare to do the things that really take down Fascists, strikes, arrests, trials, targeted education to help immunize people to their tactics and understand their actual goals. At least that would all be a good start.

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Ah, but did you suggest that maybe we should have some reasonable checks on gun ownership like background checks? Did you suggest that women have a right to determine what happens to their body? Did you oppose abortion, (even if it was only in cases of rape or incest)? Did you oppose gerrymandering too?

You did? I thought so. See, you may not realize it yet, but you are part of the problem. You didn’t lay down and acquiesce on all these things, and when a minority went ahead and implemented the policies you opposed, you got upset, didn’t you? That hurt their feelings so I guess it’s also a bit your fault that democracy is crumbling.

(/s if it wasn’t obvious).


i admit to all that too. how do i even sleep at night?


They’ve seem to have forgotten about the organizations that will/have reduced contributions to their party (especially to the RNC’s shared kitty). Maybe they’re eyeing Trump’s proven ability to scam donations in the 100s of millions and believe (by using him as a prop) they can do likewise and run on whatever gets pulled in. Who knows.


But until they break from the Southern Strategy and try to appeal to a majority of voters again, they will remain a minority party struggling to suppress enough votes to cling to power. That’s not an overnight change, and they haven’t been selecting for brave, hardworking leadership over the past 40 years.

If it’s a choice between doing the right thing and putting in the hard work of forwarding compelling policy, or doubling down on bigotry and racist voter suppression, you know how that coin is going to land for the GOP.