Nokia to resurrect classic dumbphone


I have a smartphone and no tablet. I really should change that to a dumb phone plus tablet with keyboard. I’ve got crappy eyesight and big hands, so I shouldn’t be poking around with this uselessly tiny screen. Moreover, my autocorrect does funny things, especially across different languages. The autocorrect looks like it was written by a kid who is flunking Data Structures And Algorithms I, but doesn’t care because he just changed his major to Building And Construction Management and is interning at his dad’s construction company this summer.


Honestly, I went with an iPhone 6s+ for my “latest” phone, and I was wary of it’s size.
That said: I love being able to see things on it. Reading is so much more pleasant, and looking at the screen (in general) is a hell of a lot nicer than my older smaller phones.
I’m lucky (?) enough to be large-ish, and thus it fit in my pockets and hands pretty well. But it saves me from carrying a reading device & phone & camera & whatever else.


Over a decade old and still working. It’s pay-as-you-go, with rollover minutes if I add $10 to it every 12 months.

posted from my iPad, so take that for what it’s worth.


From what i recall reading in an article last year (or the year before) is that in certain asian countries flip-phones and the like are still popular. Some people may have 2 phones, a smart phone and then an older style phone. I can’t recall particularly why.


I have to concur with that assessment; I accidentally dropped one in a swimming pool once.

After I fished it out, took out the battery and let it dry for a couple of hours, that sucker still worked.


Yup. I found one in the back of a drawer when helping my dad move house. It had been in there for years, but had just enough juice to switch on. I’ve still got it as an emergency phone. Irritating as fuck texting on it though.


My current iPhone 5s has trouble keeping a charge and the screen is starting to separate from the back. I’ve been debating getting a cheap SE (same size as what I have but a bit speedier) or holding out for the 8 this fall, despite its rumored high price tag.


Hell naw. T9 typing is pretty fast once you get the hang of it.


T9 4EVA!

Never had a 3310. I think I have an 8210 in the back of a drawer somewhere though.


My previous 5s had it’s screen start to separate, too- though I broke said screen before the battery became too much of a problem.
I will say the battery on the “plus” phones is pretty good.
My wife is due for a replacement at some point, but I’d just assume wait until we really need it instead of just getting a 7 now…
Rumors about the 8 are tempting.


Yeah, I’ve just forgotten how. I liked those Nokia Communicator candybar phones that flipped open to make a QWERTY keyboard (the one Maddox did one of his rants about). Mind you, the pinnacle of phone design was, IMO the HTC Desire Z. Give me one of those with modern internals and I would be so, so happy.


I had an LG Env 2 that flipped open for a full keyboard and that was also my favorite cellphone i ever owned. Also took that sucker in a pool with me by accident once, had it in my pocket for a full hour before i realized my mistake. Air dried it for a day, put the battery back in and it worked. The outside speaker stopped working so it wouldn’t ring but i always had it on vibrate only anyway. That thing was great.


[quote=“kaibeezytentroy, post:3, topic:95129, full:true”]can i get my Palm Treo back - phone, email, text, contacts - done and done - ok, so i’ll still have to carry an iPhone SE for Flightstats, Uber, map, camera, music…[/quote]They will pry my Treo from my cold, dead hands. Unless maybe they bring back that fantastic QWERTY keyboard, which seems less and less likely these days.


I had these, but I still love my Moto F3


See, I think @beschizza is showing commitment. And I for one support it.

He should get the version with the rotary dial :smiling_imp:


My favorite phone of all time was the original T-Mobile Sidekick, the one with the screen that flipped/rotated open with the flick of a thumb to reveal the keyboard. I used that thing until the service no longer worked.


I am a technophile, but I am using an old flip phone, but that’s a sentimental one. When my grandmother passed away, that was her cellphone, and then I switched from my Galaxy to that trusty little thing. It is super-sturdy and does its thing all the same.


I loooooooved that phone.


Awesome phone. Mine was in dark blue, i was very sad when i stopped using it but i do enjoy having a smart phone more. I miss the keyboard on it though, typing on a screen has just never felt good to me. Seems to take forever using Swipe and other typing software because i end up having to go in and manually make corrections. And typing by voice is a crap shoot and doesnt feel very natural either.


I agree 100% about the typing. I have freaky big hands. It took me a long time to feel comfortable with on-screen typing and my accuracy is nowhere near what it was on that old LG.