None of the five GOP candidates for Governor of Minnesota think Biden won the election

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It’s like trying to nail Jell-O to a wall. Except Jell-O has more backbone.




What a messed up time we live in where Kaisich is a voice of reason. :flushed:


“I grew up in a suburb of Chicago. And I can’t tell you last time Chicago has had a perfectly free and fair election.”

Seems pretty self-destructive for a guy running in a democratic election to insinuate that the democratic process has been corrupted – not just in recent years – but for the entirety of his lifetime.


“I can’t know what I don’t know.”

Right out’a the old Soviet handbook, made anew by our own KKKpublicans/GQP. You can’t make this shit up…


But I do think we have the results that we have."

Really going out on a limb there.


“I am not a Nazi – but I understand their concerns.”
Cowards! Liars! Opportunists!
And… potential future murderers… on an epic scale.


This should be no surprise. They have to say what’s politically convenient to get elected regardless of what they believe.

The structure of our government and both the actual and manipulated distribution of the electorate makes this sort of thinking necessary.

It’s somewhat of a paradox that if a candidate didn’t understand and rather unethically accede to this reality, they’re probably not politically aware enough to get anything done.

We’re broken and it’s challenging to see a viable path to mending.


I read it as “are willing to admit.”


I suppose it is expecting too much introspection for them to wonder if they don’t believe Biden won, why should anybody believe they won?


Either at some point a bunch of republicans are going to finally feel like the big jackasses they are,

Or this country is going to flush down the shitter like so much trump-talk.


I think it will be like McCarthyism. 25 years from now, everyone will more or less agree: “Well, that was kind of crazy!” But no one will admit they were caught up in the frenzy. “And, you know, there were Communists high up in the government.”

Although, it does seems a little different, when vaccine denial and virus proliferation becomes part of a major party’s political platform. I would not have believed this as credible if someone wrote this plot arc into a science-fiction novel.

What’s bizarre is: it’s so unnecessary. If Trump and the GQP wanted to maintain power, they can do so by politicizing so many things. Why can’t they leave healthcare out of it? (Also, How is it that the US goes apeshit over 70 people dying from a tornado, and 800,000 deaths – 1200 a week – and climbing is barely remarked upon?)


Better that than the other option. But I never said they would admit they were wrong – I said that they would know they are wrong.


If this were a telegram, I could save you a few pence with: “None of the five GOP candidates for Governor of Minnesota think”


I don’t necessarily like Kaisich, but damn, he sure nailed that one.

It’s like the Republican party asked “do these pants make my butt look big?” and he just blurted out “your butt IS big, really big, go ahead look in the mirror.”

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None of the five GOP candidates for Governor of Minnesota will publicly admit Biden won the election.


“I don’t practice what I preach because I’m not the kind of person I’m preaching to.”
– J. R.“Bob” Dobbs


Handbook? Those are meant to be read, and reading might lead to knowing stuff I don’t know now…

with whichever idiot said that.
ETA: I hope the voters got a list of names to make it clear who said what!


We are so absolutely fucked. The only way out of this is a lot of strong, electable Democrats, or at least thinking Republicans with integrity, of the Buckley persuasion. And we’re all out of both of those.

Absolutely fucked.


the way radicalization works, you have to make facts meaningless and loyalty the only measure of meaning. every boundary has to be broken, because every break is a new further test of loyalty. the further you push your followers, the more difficult it becomes for them to claw their way back

dying for the cause as a test of loyalty is a key piece of it: whether it’s a lack of sensible gun controls, climate change, or coronavirus - it’s required for followers to risk their lives for the cause

i disagree entirely. we as people are not broken. the gop represents a minority of voters ( if a depressing majority of white voters ) - what’s broken is representation

the electoral college - aka the presidency - favors republicans because the state layout does. same for the senate. ( eta: bc of the legacy of slavery really )

and the house? with all the recent election laws, gerrymandering, and the jan 6 coup attempt - republicans are picking their voters, not the other way round

they could have made other choices - but they’re narrowed in on white supremacy as their key policy. this is not so much, my voters are white supremacists - but rather i can get my voters to support white supremacy - re: the above. it’s deliberate policy of radicalization

they’d be eaten alive, not by their voters but by the establishment and their fundraising network if they said the election was fair

last thought: get what done? the republicans literally don’t have a platform right now. they gave it up and replaced it with a declaration to support trump ( not hyperbole. that’s a thing they did )

what policy they have tried to enact has been almost solely governmental suppressions of civil and human rights

it didn’t have to be like this. this is a choice conservative leaders made