Nonprofit creates shoes that expand with kids' feet


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This is pretty cool!


The only thing I don’t understand is how a single pair of shoes (or sandals) is going to not be falling apart after the first year or two on the feet of a child running around doing what kids do. The expanding feature is great, but how is the sole going to hold up that long?


Creating a children’s shoe that lasts five years would be vastly more remarkable than one that has adjustable sizing.


Well, they already make them last, kinda:


Lee ultimately wants to work with businesses in the regions where the shoes are being used most to develop local bases for manufacturing, distribution and sales.

That’s an important part I think.


I’d be impressed if someone could make shoes for 4-8 year old boys that don’t fall apart 3 months after purchase.


We just bought a pair of these:


Exactly. WTF are those things made of, adamantium with mythril stitching? My curtain climber can pretty much wear out the soles on shoes just about the time she’s ready to move on to the next size up.


Here is an idea. In AU we are spending 20 AUD and up for something what does not last one season for a child.
Bring these shoes here, sell them for 20 AUD, use proceeds to cover cost of one pair for customer and provide one pair to a child in need. Do not forget to openly speak about quality. Do not forget to openly say how the contribution is used.
I am a parent, I will buy it for my kids and want to have good feeling from helping some kid in need. Thank you.


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