NordicTrack customers hacked their treadmills to watch Netflix until the company blocked them

Idea for a high-intensity workout:

Park your TV behind you and the treadmill, and play 28 Days Later, World War Z, or I Am Legend…heck, anything with fast-moving zombies.

zombie running GIF


Oh, you can do that outside already! I’ve been using “Zombies, Run!” for years now. I actually had to turn off the chases once I got to the point of being able to run for 20 minutes solid, as the periodic sprinting was interfering with my overall goal. It was absolutely a fun way to get started, though.

( 1 - My standard run is 14 minutes run, 1 minute walk, 8 times, with 5 minutes of warm up / cool down. This gives me fixed opportunities to drink water, check blood sugar, and take appropriate steps if my BSL is dropping too much.)


Thanks for hipping me.

“Teledildonics” seems a perfectly cromulent term.


Lead writer is the excellent Naomi Alderman, best known for the amazing The Power. I always say I think she is the first games writer to win a major literary award.

I used it for a couple of years.


And if you have some old TV you can make some workout without the treadmill.


or put a regular Android tablet on top of the NordicTrack screen


I buy it, it becomes mine and I can use it and it’s features any way I want. If the company selling it decides to remove or modify features that I was using they should have to either a) grant me an exception to the software update (unworkable over time), or b) refund my money.

The company should not be allowed to remotely break or damage my property.


start with this twitter thread:

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