North Carolina councilman resigns in Klingon


Councilman David Waddell of Indian Trail, North Carolina resigned from his position with a letter written in Klingon.

I know the Navajo people didn’t actually live in the Carolinas but that sentence still reminds me of this study from 2009:


Well, now that he’s resigned in Klingon all that’s left is for the next councilman in line to disembowl him with a dagger, as per Klingon tradition.



Well at least somebody takes the North Carolina legislature seriously.

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May the force be with him.

One of my daughters just asked me last night to explain The Onion to her. I was shocked. Kid is in advanced EVERYTHING at school, but couldn’t tell if it was all or only some of the stories that were made up.

But then, I suppose the truth really is stranger than any fiction The Onion could come up with.

I think the distinction was easier to make when The Onion was a physical paper replete with painfully fake ads. The website has no ads, so if your snarkmeter isn’t tuned well enough, the most obvious tip-off is the gratuitously sweary headlines.

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Good point! She’s too old to be part of the truly-digital generation, but you’re right that any exposure she would have had to the paper version would have been when she was very young. I’m a fan of reading online whenever possible to save paper.

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It would have been fun to challenge her to figure out which Onion stories are true.


Some of them just become true over time.


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